companies who buy houses for cash in california

Companies that Buy Houses in California (Cash Buyers & More)

If you’re selling a house and are interested in bypassing the time constraints, effort, and costs associated with a realtor, there are options available.

For example, there are local companies that buy houses in California and pay cash for homes like yours, including local real estate investors that make quick work of the process – allowing you to walk away with cash.

Other contenders include iBuyers, national buyers that operate as franchises, house flippers, online companies that connect sellers and investors, and more. Each puts their own unique spin on things, but few can offer everything that local investors do. 

Companies that buy houses California guide

You’re in the market to sell your home, and there are companies that will buy your house, but finding the right fit for you can be complicated at best. At SoCal Home Buyers, we recognize how daunting selling a home for cash can be and we’re here to make it easier for you by offering a guide that spells it all out .

For example, we’re a real estate investment company that pays cash for houses as they stand, which means you won’t need to jump through any of the hoops associated with selling through a realtor. Ready to learn more? Give us a call today.

How much do home buying companies pay?

If you’re interested in selling your home, you’re naturally also interested in how much home buying companies pay. The answer to this question is determined by a range of factors that include the kind of company you work with and the real estate market – along with the value and condition of your home.

This guide is intended to help you better understanding your options and make the right choices for you. If your goal is to sell your house quickly, with little effort on your part, and for a competitive cash offer, a real estate investor may be your best option. 

Considerations when using a house buying company

Selling your home to a company that buys houses eliminates the need for a real estate agent, which can save time, expense, and effort. Companies that are interested in buying your home take many different approaches. 

Do you want to work with companies that buy houses in any condition?

Sellers whose homes aren’t picture perfect or aren’t ready to bring top dollar on the open market often want to work with home buyers that buy houses as is. At SoCal Home Buyers, we purchase homes in whatever condition they’re in at the time the owners want to sell.

When you work with companies that buy houses as is, it means that there’s no reason to fret about fixing your current place up before moving on to your next home. In fact, you can skip all the following:

  • Cleaning your property inside and out and from top to bottom
  • Hiring a realtor
  • Staging your home to appeal to buyers
  • Scheduling an open house
  • Fitting house showings into your family’s busy life

Selling your house to us for cash is a great option for homeowners who need to sell quickly or who are simply interested in streamlining the process and selling their homes as-is. 

Do you want to work with companies that buy your house and rent back?

There are some companies that buy houses and rent them back to you, which can be beneficial in highly specific situations.

For example, at SoCal Home Buyers, we sometimes purchase a home and rent it back to the seller – who may be preparing to take a job elsewhere – for a month or two while they handle everything that need to handle before making the switch.

They are facing buying a new house and orchestrating a move while navigating the transition to a new job, and a rent-back agreement can help bridge the gap between their old home and their new life.

If you think a rent back may be a good option for you, give us a call, and we can share more details about when we offer rent-back agreements with home sales. 

Do you want to work with a company that leases houses back?

Some buyers who pay cash for homes will lease a home back to seller for a longer term than just a few months. These arrangements are generally best for sellers who want to cash in on the equity they have in their homes.

For example, retirees who aren’t interested in moving but would like to increase their cash flow sometimes find the lease back approach advantageous.

Do you want to work with a company who buys houses for cash?

If you are looking at companies that buy your house for cash, SoCal Home Buyers encourages you to consider us. We pay cash for single-family homes like yours in almost any condition, which can take a lot of pressure off you.

We speed up the process by sending our in-house inspector to your home and making an offer on the spot. If you accept, you’ll generally have the money within 24 to 48 hours and can then move on to whatever comes next for you and your family – without the hassles, setbacks, and expense that come with selling a home through a realtor.

Types of companies buying houses for cash and other methods

Within the category of cash house buying companies, there are many options, and this makes having a good idea about how each works an excellent plan. 

We buy houses companies

There are companies that will pay cash for your house just as it is, and there is even a company that calls itself We Buy Ugly Houses. These are independently owned franchisees of HomeVestors, which is a national cash buyer company.

While this can be a good approach if you want to leave all the work to someone else, there are pros and cons involved. These nationwide investors will buy your house just as it is, but it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  • The sales process tends to take longer than it does for other fast cash buyers.
  • The final offer they make can be as low as 55 percent of your home’s value after repairs are made.

There is also a and a We Buy Houses out there, and they work very much like We Buy Ugly Houses, but generally on a more limited basis.

If you’re considering selling to a company like We Buy Ugly Houses , it’s important to know that they operate on a franchise model, which means they won’t deviate from their strict process in relation to your unique situation. If this is the option you choose, getting multiple cash offers prior to selling your current home is advised. 


iBuyers are real estate investment companies that purchase homes for cash virtually, which comes with a few inconveniences and includes fees. The upside of an iBuyer company is that they many reviews from relatively satisfied customers.

Other perks include that the process is fairly straightforward and can be completed online. To get the ball rolling, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire about your home, which you can augment with a video tour created with a tool they offer.

The downside of using an iBuyer company, however, is that they tack on fees that are much like those used by real estate agents and typically include the following: 

  • 5 percent in service fees
  • 1 percent in closing costs

iBuyer companies are generally reputable business enterprises that help streamline the sales process, when compared to selling your home with a realtor, but the niceties are stripped down, the sales process can take considerably longer than working with a local real estate investor, and you’ll have to pay fees. 

There are generally better options out there for sellers who need to sell or want to sell quickly. For instance, with an independently owned and operated local real estate investor, like our SoCal Home Buyers team, you can expect a smooth and speedy process that takes your unique situation and expectations into careful account.

Just because you need to sell fast, does not mean you need to accept less than a fair sale price or that you need to endure a sluggish process.

Online companies that connect homeowners to local investors

Companies like Sundae offer another option. These online sites don’t buy houses but, instead, allow you to type in your information in order to generate cash offers from multiple local buyers.

This eliminates the need to list your home and get it ready for sale, to work with a real estate agent, to schedule showings, and more. The idea behind these sites is allowing you to find the highest preliminary cash offer, but like many of the previous options, it comes with some drawbacks, including:

  • These companies generally operate in limited locations.
  • The bidding process can be lengthy.

House Flippers

House flipping gets a lot of attention on HGTV and other media sources, and the idea behind it is buying distressed properties or houses that are less than desirable and paying less than fair market value for them. Flippers come in and purchase houses at a lower cost, fix them up a bit, then sell them for a considerable profit.

Most house flippers operate under the guideline of never paying more than 70 percent of what the home’s value will be once it’s repaired – minus the amount of money they put into those repairs. While house flippers generally work quickly, other kinds of house buying companies tend to make better cash offers that are closer to fair market value.

Buy and hold companies

Buy and hold real estate companies do things a bit differently. They purchase homes as long-term investments and aren’t looking for homes that require major work. Instead, they look for properties that need only minor repairs prior to being rented out to tenants.

Buy and hold companies are the ones that are most likely to offer rent-back agreements, in which the original seller rents their home back, often as a means of accessing their equity in the property. 

Buy and hold companies tend to rent their properties for five years or more. From here, they generally refinance or sell for a considerable profit – depending upon the market.

Long-term investments like this usually yield a significant return, which allows buy and hold companies to purchase more properties and keep their profits moving in the right direction. If your home is in reasonably good condition, you’re likely to get a better offer from a buy and hold company that you would from a house flipper.

Home trade-in companies 

Some companies that buy houses offer a trade-in program that allows the seller to use the funds from the sale of their home to purchase another and that takes steps to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

If you’re selling your home, it’s very likely that you’re buying a different house somewhere else, and orchestrating this shift is one of the most stressful aspects of buying and selling a home, which often go hand in hand. 

In the process of buying a home, you likely need the proceeds to purchase a new place, and this can be hard to manage if the home you’re selling is slow to move. There’s a lot of juggling involved, and most of it you will have very little control over. And if the stars fail to align, you can end up in a financial jam that sets you back in terms of both time and money. 

Orchard homes is a prime example of a home trade-in company. They front a cash advance that allows the seller to make an offer on another home and even move into it before their original home has sold.

Orchard affords additional options, such as allowing sellers to remain in their homes – in rent-back agreements – while the sellers make repairs in or remodel their new properties, saving them from needing storage space, from having to rent a place that serves as a transitional home, or both. 

Orchard also connects sellers with home advisors that can help them navigate the tricky path forward. While home trade-in companies like Orchard are exceptionally convenient, their services come at a price. Ultimately, you’ll owe about 6 percent in fees. 

Local real estate investors

If you’re in a situation in which you want to sell your home quickly and with as little effort on your part as possible, you’re in luck.

At SoCal Home Buyers, we pay cash for houses like yours and we make the process as painless as possible. We’re local investors, and our office is independently owned, which means we buy houses for cash near you.

As a result, we can offer all the following benefits:

  • We know the market where you’re selling your home well.
  • We know the value of your home, which allows us to make a fair offer.
  • We can work with you on a personalized basis, which means your concerns will be addressed and your needs – such as a specific closing date – will be met. 
  • We can save you thousands of dollars in closing costs. 
  • We buy homes in virtually any condition.
  • We treat every property and every potential client with respect.
  • We charge no costly fees or and take no commissions. 
  • We allow you to skip making costly repairs on your home, staging your home for viewings, organizing open houses, disrupting your life for potential buyers to walk through your home, and much more.

Our goal is to not only simplify the process but also to personalize it for you and the unique situation you find yourself in. if you’re ready to request a cash offer, we’re ready to inspect your home and make one.

If you want to sell a home in California, it’s difficult to go wrong with SoCal Home Buyers. Because we’re local investors, however, we don’t work outside the State of California.

While we probably can’t get you the highest price you could get on the open market, our simple, no-fuss process does eliminate all the following costs, which can help offset any difference in price, such as:

  • The cost of repairs and maintenance that you need to take care of before listing
  • The cost of keeping your home on the market longer than you anticipated
  • The cost of staging your home for viewings
  • The hefty commission your realtor is paid
  • The sizable closing costs you experience

The best companies that buy houses for cash

If you’re ready to sell your home as efficiently as possible for a fair cash offer that reflects what your home is worth, you have options that include all the following:

  • National companies that use local franchises to buy houses for cash, such as We Buy Ugly Houses,, and We Buy Houses
  • iBuyers like Offerpad and Opendoor that pay cash for houses sold virtually 
  • Online companies like Sundae that gather information from home-buyers and connect them with local investors who make initial offers
  • House flippers that focus on buying low and selling far higher
  • Buy and hold companies that hold on to properties as investments and rent them out
  • Home trade-in companies like Orchard that help buyers get the down-payment they need to buy a new home prior to selling their old place
  • Local real estate investors like SoCal Home Buyers who work exclusively in your area, personalize the process, make fair cash offers, and deserve a closer look

Who is the best company to buy your house?

There are many instances when selling to reputable real estate investors like the professionals who make up SoCal Home Buyers is an excellent choice, that’s why we think we are often the best choice for many sellers.

Let’s look into why that is:

1. You need a quick sale

If you need to sell your California home quickly, SoCal Home Buyers is an obvious choice. Whether you’re moving unexpectedly, simply need cash now, need to make your move on another home that recently came on the market, or are ready to begin enjoying your retirement today, we’re here to help make that happen. 

While a traditional home sale through a realtor typically takes from 30 to 45 days – and can take more than 90 days – we shorten the process considerably.

In fact, by contacting us, you initiate the inspection process, and once that’s completed, you’ll receive a cash offer immediately – and if you accept, you’ll receive your money quickly, which usually means within 24 to 48 hours. 

Some points to keep in mind in relation to selling your home through a realtor include the following:

  • About 22 percent of home sales fail to close when they are expected to.
  • Another 5 percent of home sales fall through altogether, which means starting back at square one. 

If you’re looking for a smooth, speedy process that provides you with a cash offer in mere days, give us a try.

2. You want to avoid realtors altogether

Realtors have a lot to offer. They take care of the entire buy and sell process, helping to ensure that everything goes according to plan and helping to ensure that you receive a fair market value.

Realtors, however, also generate costly expenses and time-consuming projects for the seller, including all the following:

  • The time and expense necessary to make repairs and attend to maintenance
  • The time required to pretty up the inside and outside of your home for viewings
  • The cost of staging your home 
  • The cost of listing and marketing your home
  • The involved fees, the realtor’s commission, and the closing costs
  • The bother of planning open houses and scheduling viewings 

With SoCal Home Buyers, none of these issues are concerns. We pare down the process to four simple steps that include contacting us online, scheduling your home inspection, hearing our best offer, and receiving your cash in a matter of a couple days

If you’re interested in learning how to sell your house without a realtor in California, SoCal Home Buyers has got you covered. While there are other options when it comes to selling a property without a real estate agent, having a local real estate investor in your corner can afford you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re working with professionals who know your market and have a reputation for making fair cash offers within a day or two.

3. You’re ready to offload the property 

Perhaps you have a property that you can’t afford to keep, that has been nothing but trouble in terms of renters, that you inherited but is more of a burden than an asset, or that you just want to get rid of and you’re ready to make your move now.

There are countless reasons why you may want to get rid of a house quickly, and having a real estate investor on your side can help immensely. 

We at SoCal Home Buyers will make sure that you’re able to cut to the chase by quickly selling your house for cash. By leaving the legwork to us, you can skip to the good part. 

4. You want to skip the stress

Anyone who tries to tell you that selling a home through a realtor is a stress-free endeavor is selling you a bill of goods. And if you’re selling a home in order to buy another home, the stress increases exponentially. Some of the primary stressors that working with a real estate investor can relieve include all the following:

  • The lack of control over the timing
  • The lack of control over the cost
  • The worry in relation to your home failing to sell quickly
  • The concern about finding an interested buyer
  • The concern about an offer falling through
  • The stress of keeping your home ready for showings while your family keeps doing its thing and while you are all in the process of packing up

If you’re ready to ditch the stress, SoCal Home Buyers is here for you.

5. You aren’t living in the house

If you aren’t living in the house that you are preparing to sell, it can complicate the matter considerably. Perhaps it’s a rental and you’re tired of the headaches that often come with renters, or maybe you’ve inherited a place that you don’t have time to take care of and don’t expect this fact to change anytime soon.

The longer you wait to sell a property that isn’t bringing in revenue, the more it affects your bottom line when it comes to its sale – due to the costs and inconvenience related to owning a property that you aren’t using. 

Things get even more hectic if the property isn’t near where you currently live, which tends to involve hiring a caretaker and addressing many other complications. If this is the situation you find yourself in, contacting us at SoCal Home Buyers can make quick work of selling a property that you aren’t living in.

In fact, we can manage the entire thing on our own if you’re not around – simply make a key available, and we’ll take care of the rest.

6. You’re not interested in making costly repairs

If your house isn’t ready for showings and you aren’t interested in making the repairs necessary to get it there – or can’t afford to make them – a swift cash sale through a real estate investor may be the right choice. California not only has a pricey housing market but the cost of home repairs is also quite expensive. 

Home repairs that are often recommended prior to selling a home include:

  • Replacing old appliances, which gives the place a face-lift and instills confidence in buyers
  • Patching any holes or cracks
  • Repainting in fresh, neutral, and inviting colors 
  • Replacing carpet and laminate flooring
  • Replacing an older HVAC system
  • Replacing any broken glass
  • Making any needed roof repairs

Such repairs not only take a considerable amount of time but also can take a big bite out of your profits. If your house isn’t ready to be shown, the most efficient path forward is with a real estate investor like SoCal Home Buyers. 

7. You’ve got a doozy of a renter on your hands

Another prime reason for wanting to sell a rental property quickly is having nightmare tenants. For example, if you have tenants who are trashing your property or whose lease is over but they refuse to move out, you have a problem on your hands that could get even uglier.

If you’re ready to sell but don’t want to deal with cleaning up the messy situation your find yourself in, SoCal Home Buyers will take the place off your hands and will handle the problems for you – leaving you with the cash you need to do whatever comes next.

Alternatives to companies who buy houses for cash

Companies that buy houses for cash are an excellent choice if you’re in the market to sell a home quickly, but there are alternatives out there.

Real estate companies that buy homes

There are real estate companies that buy houses, and many of these operate with franchises that are scattered across the country. For example, HomeVestors is the parent company of We Buy Ugly Houses, which has a solid presence across the nation.

While these companies complete the sales process fairly quickly, they can’t compete with the turnaround time of a local real estate investor, and their offers tend to be significantly lower.

Realtors who will buy your house

Online companies like Opendoor and Offerpad buy houses virtually. These iBuyers operate a lot like realtors who purchase houses outright. As such, they charge a closing fee and service fee that can add up to about 6 percent.

This makes them less costly than using a traditional real estate agent, but this has to be offset by the fact that they generally make lower offers. 

Local people who buy houses

Real estate is an excellent investment, and this means that there are often local investors that buy houses around. This approach is hit or miss because you may have a difficult time finding out much about the investor in question, which can make cutting a deal with a local person who happens to buy houses iffy at best.

There is also the matter of whether or not they have the resources to buy your house for cash. In other words, unless you know the investor personally or know people who’ve had success selling to them, a local person who buys houses may not be recommended. 

Relocation companies

If you’re selling a house in California and moving out of state, you may be interested in relocation companies. Typically, businesses that are interested in acquiring new talent help sweeten the deal by offering the services of these do-it-all companies that buy and sell homes and also take care of the moving.

There is a lot of stress associated with selling your old home, buying a new one, moving out of state, and forging a new career, and working with one company that coordinates everything for you can be an immense relief.

It’s important to note, however, that relocation companies are interested in their own bottom lines and are unlikely to offer the best buying or selling prices. 

Why we believe we are the best among companies that buy homes for cash!

Of all the firms that buy houses out there, and there are plenty of them, we offer what the others cannot, and this includes the kind of personalized service that only a well-established local real estate investor can provide.

At SoCal Home Buyers we pride ourselves on approaching every home purchase on a case-by-case basis that takes you, the seller, into careful consideration. We’ve streamlined the process into four simple steps that couldn’t be any easier, and we look forward to working with you. To get started, this is all there is to it:

  1. Give us a call at 951-331-3844—or fill out the short form below—to request your fair cash offer.
  2. Await our prompt response to discuss your property in greater detail and schedule a one-time inspection that allows us to offer the highest amount possible.
  3. At the time of the inspection, our in-house inspector will quote you a fair cash offer, and if you’re on board, you can consider your home sold!
  4. Choose your closing date, and leave the rest to us. You can choose payment via check or wire transfer. It simply doesn’t get any easier.
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