Do you want to sell your house fast? Who doesn’t! But, the question is where do you start? There are plenty of articles on how to sell your home but many don’t have all the information that can help get it done quickly.

To save you time and tears, we’ve compiled 17 expert tips on how to sell your home fast – for a higher price. Read on for more!

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1. Decide if You’re Ready to Sell

This may sound crazy, but you need to ask yourself if you really want to sell. Selling a home fast can be emotional and stressful to some people because of sentimental value and fond memories. It may have belonged to family members who are no longer here, or the old swing in the backyard may remind you of a time when your kids were young. Some people think they want to sell, but then decide that packing and moving is too much trouble. The decision to sell can honestly be difficult, so make sure you’re ready.

2. Determine Your Sales Strategy

Having decided to sell your home, you need to pick the strategy that offers you the best opportunity to sell your house fast. Several ways exist to cash in on your home and each offers its own pros and cons.

Using an Agent

A local real estate agent is familiar with your market area and has other agents and potential clients in his network with whom to contact. They’ll do the legwork with advertising and do all of the negotiating with the buyer or buyer’s agent. But this comes at a premium – about 3% of the sales price.

Some sellers feel it is worth this for them to not have to be involved, while others don’t have as much equity in their home and miss having this extra money in their pockets. Another drawback to using an agent is that he or she isn’t working only for you. With multiple clients, their time is divided and this could extend your time on the market.

Sell to an Investor

The absolute quickest way to sell your home is to contract with an investor. Investors seek homes in which they can remodel and flip or rent to others. You won’t have to worry about a buyer qualifying for a mortgage or a lengthy closing time because they operate with cash.

The downside to using an investor is that you may not receive a top market value. Investors will factor into their offer variables such as listing price, price of repairs, and holding costs. So while their offer may seem low at first, it can usually end up being more lucrative because you don’t have to pay realtor and other closing fees.

Sell it Yourself

If you want to maximize the profit from selling your home, selling it yourself may be your best option. You’ll save the sales commission you would pay your agent, though you would still owe the buyer’s agent.

Maximizing your profit is really the only positive part of selling your own home. Some of the challenges you’ll face are the actual elements of a real estate sale, like market research for pricing, a sales contract, disclosures, escrow, and the ability to implement and negotiate each one.

 3. Price to Sell 

You may be wondering, “Can I sell my house in two weeks?” Absolutely, you can, but you have to price it correctly and that is one of the best home selling tips you can implement. Nothing makes a house harder to sell than one being overpriced. It will sit on the market awhile until you eventually lower the price.

Spend some time reviewing the prices of comparable homes around yours that sold recently, and list yours using a similar price on day one. If you want to attract immediate interest, list yours below the closing price of comparable home sales.

A big advantage to this strategy is that it can result in multiple offers, which can lead to a sale price above the asking price.

 4. Clean, De-clutter, and Depersonalize 

Your buyer needs to be able to visualize their families and furniture fitting in various spaces when they walk through your house. Help them make this connection as soon as they step inside with the fresh aromas of a recently cleaned room. Take everything that doesn’t have its own place in the house out of it.

Clutter makes spaces appear smaller, so put extra stuff in storage or donate it. Never allow your stuff to crowd the spaces where prospective buyers may visualize their stuff sitting.

Hide the cat’s litter box and put away the coins and loose papers that are on counters and dressers. If you need to sell your house ASAP, help your prospects see themselves living in it.

5. Use Neutral Paint Colors

Bold colors can make a room look nice, but they can also make a room look small, dark, and dirty. A different color in each room can make the walls seem too busy. Apply some fresh paint and use neutral colors from the gray or greige palettes. Add some colorful art to these neutral walls, and these spaces will pop. Touching up bold colors and leaving them is one of the things you should not do when selling a house.

 6. Perform Quick Repairs

It’s time to repair that dent in the drywall where the doorknob hit it, and replace that blind that’s missing a slat. Visible repairs are a turnoff to buyers and also contribute to offers below the asking price. New homeowners are eager to move in now, and needed repairs will delay moving day. Fix these things before you attempt to sell your home. However, with that said, we work with people that need to sell their home that require repairs.

7. Let the Light In 

Sunshine produces serotonin and endorphins, which are hormones that make us happy and feel good. Sunshine through the windows of neutrally painted walls makes a home feel warm and inviting. Pull the curtains back and let the sunshine help sell your house fast.

8. Entryway and Curb Appeal 

First impressions matter – especially in real estate. Freshen the paint on the front door or replace it with a modern one, and also replace the dated doorknob and hinges. Freshen the caulk around the door and the street numbers if they’re attached near the door. Make sure the doorbell is working and replace it if it’s lost its shine.

9. Boost Your Curb Appeal 

People will see your lawn before they make it to your door. Pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk. Replace or remove any dead flowers or shrubs. Make sure the lawn is watered and mowed regularly while your house is on the market because your buyer could be inside any of the cars that pass by daily.

boost your curb appeal

10. Set the Stage to Sell Quickly with Staging 

We mentioned earlier that your goal is to help your prospective buyers to be able to see themselves in your home. One of the best ways to convert a prospect into a buyer is with staging.

It’s difficult to gauge a room’s size when it’s empty, so hire someone to stage the whole house for you. Yes, it costs, but it adds much more value to selling your home than it will cost. Some people ask, “How do I sell my house in 7 days?” Proper staging can do it.

11. Hire a Professional Photographer 

It may be tempting to take photos of your home yourself, but don’t. Photo quality is very important because prospects will see your house online or in pamphlets before they see it in person. Professional photographers have the equipment and, more importantly, the eye for the best shots. They’ll take dozens of photos and only charge you a few hundred dollars. This is money well spent as we continue to make good first impressions. Be sure to negotiate a 3D tour as part of his package so internet viewers can get an early look at your home.

12. Utilize Social Media and 3D Tours 

There’s no better form of advertising than social media and it is free. Upload your photos and your 3D tour to all of your platforms, and ask your friends to share with their friends. Social sharing can generate early momentum when you want to sell your home fast.

13. Write a Great Listing Description 

High-quality photos will sell your house fast, but you need to be able to convey to the viewer specific details. Writing a great listing description is vital to maintaining a viewer’s interest. They can only see what’s in the photos and may not notice that the countertops are granite or that the flooring is a custom product. Details about any warranties and the age of the paint, roof, and appliances must be noted as well since photos can’t illustrate this.

14. Timing of the Sale 

Statistically speaking, the months of May and June are the best times to sell your home with June being the best. Lawns and shrubs are green and people have more time to get out and look before the blistering summer heat arrives.

If you were trying to sell a house fast in a slow market, these months would give you the best chance. However, a specific season isn’t the only aspect of good timing. Taking advantage of a hot market or a lack of inventory in the price range of your home can also be helpful if you need to sell your house fast.

15. Be Flexible with Showtimes 

You can’t sell your house if you don’t show it, so you have to be available and flexible when someone calls. This means showing it on your lunch break or late in the evening to buyers with a typical 9 to 5 job. Other people, especially those who live out of town, may only be available on weekends and holidays.

16. Set Yourself Apart 

Another tip for selling your home is to make yourself and your home memorable. Use a focus point of your home, such as a kitchen island, as a place for potential buyers to let their guards down a bit by having cookies, pretzels, bottled water, and other snacks available.

If you are showing the home yourself, dress nicely, behave professionally, and present your beautifully staged home. Place professionally printed brochures that contain color photos, listing descriptions, and contact information near the snack tray so prospects are encouraged to take one.

17. Ask for Feedback 

As you’re wrapping up each tour, ask your shoppers for feedback on the house and price. Remember, feedback doesn’t mean that something is good or bad; it’s just feedback, so listen and write it down. Feedback lets you know how your home compares to the others they have toured.

Pay special attention to repetitive feedback as this will make you aware of common thoughts among your prospects. For example, if everyone comments that the light fixture in the foyer is dated, replace it. The one thing you should not do when selling a house is be offended by the feedback and turn it into a debate.

Selling your house fast is a huge decision in your life. With so many things to consider, it can easily become overwhelming and stressful. Selling to an investor helps to eliminate the stress by making the process simple and reducing the number of items you have to worry about. Learn how much you can make today on the market versus selling to an investor by giving us a call at 951-331-3844 for your free, no-obligation offer.

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