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Quick real estate sales are often coupled with great staging and photography. With the right staging and presentation, you can make a HUGE difference in the type of buyers you attract and price you’re offered.

If your home is in the condition where getting professional staging and photos of your home done makes sense, this will typically pay for itself in the end. Otherwise selling your san diego home fast may be a better option.

With that said here’s some important tips to keep in mind…

Staging Your Home to Sell in San Diego

Before You do Anything…

The real trick to maximizing the sale potential of your home is to simply consult with experts. The best approach is to have both a professional stager and photographer come and meet with you at the same time.

Where a home stager might not know how to best use a rooms lighting your photographer will. And where a photographer won’t know the best ways to accessorize a room your stager will. When the two work together the result is magic!

Example Home |

Don’t skimp on the photographer

What really is going to bring your home the attention it deserves are the pictures.

Your pictures are your marketing material. And your material needs to be better than the competition.

Only a skilled photographer is going to know how to make the unique layout of your home stand out among a sea of other homes. Never rely on yourself or your agent to take your pictures for you. Bad pictures can easily add weeks or even months of waiting time as your pictures are simply not eye catching enough to draw interest.

Keep in mind that your photographer is NOT your stager. They are there to capture the vision that your stager has already laid out for you.

Let Your Stager Create a Vision that Pulls Buyers In

Pull Buyers in with Professional Photography

Hiring a stager is simply worth the expense. Stagers understand what buyers are looking for. And they know how to stage a home so that it gives the right feeling a buyer needs to imagine themselves living in your home.

Your stager will know how to tap into the emotions of buyers that motivates them to want to buy your home. If your home needs refurnishing your stager will make this recommendation. However, you will more commonly find that only a few main rooms will be focused on for maximum presentation value.

Professional staging is often seen as a luxury service but the fact is that it can add tremendous potential to the ability for you to sell your home quickly. Click here to find stagers in San Diego.

Getting Your Home Ready for its Make-Over

Tip #1: Declutter everything

Declutter your house

Never, ever, ever have clutter present in your pictures. This will immediately turn off buyers. Make sure to de-clutter all primary areas like the bathrooms, kitchen and master bedroom.

If there are any personal artifacts, trinkets or pictures that would stand out as obvious remove them. People will feel uncomfortable if the home they’re touring still has your personal touch to it. It should remain neutral so the buyer can visualize themselves as the owner.

Tip #2: Lose All Personal Items

As mentioned above, make sure to remove all personal items. This extends to any religious or political items that would make people feel uncomfortable. Your goal is to make sure everyone who steps through your door immediately feels at ease.

If there is any sense of a discord you will have immediately lost the buyer even if they tour your entire home. So make sure to put all of these things out of sight temporarily.

Tip #3: Don’t Neglect the Front and Back yard

Clean your backyard

For viewing and presentation purposes you will need to show the front yard. So taking some time to clean it up is worth it. Another important tip is to make sure all cars are removed from the driveway and are moved to the street. It’s unsightly for a buyer to not have the full view of the driveway available to them.

Remember, the point of your pictures is to help potential buyers visualize what it will be like to live in your home. So you want them to be able to imagine themselves pulling into a clean and open driveway.

It pays to clean the front and back yards. Many people enjoy spending time out front and in the back yard. Giving them a good sense of what that could be like Is a sure way to pique a buyers interest.

Tip # 4: Keep it clean

The cleaner the better. If you can get people to ask: “do you really live this clean?” Then you’re doing it right. When everything is clean there is nothing for a buyer to possibly complain about.

So make sure to pay attention to little details.

  • Like shoes left out in the laundry room.
  • Raised toilet seats and overflowing trash cans.
  • Make sure to hide electronic cables if they’re running across your walls and floor.

You would be surprised at how big of an eye sore these things and other can be for buyers. So if you can imagine how you’d expect an AirBnB to be when you arrive…you should be trying to do the same.

If all this sounds like too much of a hassle, we can help sell your san diego home! Send us a message or give us a call today and let's talk! We can help you avoid all of this by simply selling direct to us. Learn More Here...


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