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La Quinta residents who want a reputable home buyer in riverside county that’s able to ensure they can sell their house fast for cash in La Quinta, CA should contact us immediately.

No matter what your reason for selling your house in La Quinta,  or your situation, we strive to provide the best and most convenient home buying service to residents in Southern California.

SoCal Home buyers is a Real estate investment company with an excellent reputation. We buy homes in Riverside county every and and have more than 12+ years experience buying and selling homes of both individuals and families in a professional and simple manner.

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Should you sell your house in La Quinta without a Realtor?

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If your home in La Quinta is in great condition, the roof, kitchen, A/C and Heater have been updated in the last 10 years, selling your house with a Realtor will be your best bet. As long as your home is up to current market standards selling your house with a Realtor is highly recommended.

If your home does NOT meet these requirements, you may want to consider alternative options. If your home is not in the best condition and needs updates and repairs to meet market standards you may end up spending and losing more money by selling with a Realtor.

While realtors are great, they cannot guarantee someone will buy your house in La Quinta in your time frame if the home isn’t in the best condition. They will also likely require that you invest thousands into the property make it market ready. Add on to this a 6% commission, escrow fees and closing costs, you will likely lose a large sum of money.

When you sell your house in La Quinta to a company like ours, you can avoid this massive loss in funds by selling the home in ‘as-is’ condition. This means you don’t have to pay for repairs, commissions, escrow fees or closing costs. Often netting you MORE money than if you were to try and list it with a Realtor.

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Benefits of Selling Your House in La Quinta, CA to us

We’re a Local Family-Owned Business

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Founders, Doug & Andrea Van Soest

Our office is located in Murrieta, CA. We’re a small family owned business that takes pride in being able to work with you directly. Instead of working with a faceless nationwide company that swoops in and buys homes in bulk, we work with you directly and treat you like family. Our community and the people who live in it are very important to us and love working one-on-one with our sellers.

We’re about two hours away from La Quinta via CA-74 west, but don’t worry if you can’t make the drive. We would never ask you to do so. To keep things simple for you, we will drive to meet with you, so we can meet you personally and shake your hand when you accept our offer.

Sell your house in La Quinta no matter your circumstances

We’re not regular buyers. We don’t care if your house is perfect or move-in ready. We buy properties and fix them up. We put in the work, and we find the person who is going to live in the home. We’re willing to wait that out, no matter how long it takes. Things like bad neighborhoods and distressed real estate markets don’t bother us. We don’t require much of sellers, and we’re willing to purchase homes in all kinds of circumstances including: 

We’ll Buy Any Kind of Property

Some home investment companies are picky and have various requirements that only serve to stress you out more. We don’t and require the minimal amount of effort from you to close the sale. Every property we buy is special to us.  Whether you home is new or old, we will still buy it. We also buy condos, multi-family, single-family, mobile homes and even land. We’re very open minded. If your property is unconventional, give us a call. It’s more likely than not that we’ll still be willing to buy it.

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The Condition of Your Home Doesn’t Matter

We’re aware that not all homes in La Quinta are in the best shape. Some people are struggling with homes the don’t want or can’t use anymore. And often don’t want to invest their hard earned monty further to maintain their properties. This makes it hard to find a buyer on the traditional market, but it doesn’t make it hard to work with us. When you sell your house in La Quinta to us, we’ll fix it up so you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

We buy houses in SoCal

You Don’t Need to Call a Realtor

Realtors can’t make any promises in La Quinta if your home isn’t in the best condition. Even though the market is hot right now a guarantee is not possible. Chances are, your property will list and list again. Your agent will want you to make expensive repairs to your property, and slash your already meager asking price by thousands of dollars. When it’s all over, you will still have to pay a high commissions.

We understand why people want to avoid that situation. When you work with us, you avoid all fees. It will never take months, and we won’t ask you to do anything to your property before we purchase it. We can put an end to the game and help you move on with your life much sooner than a realtor will be able to.

We Aim to Be Flexible and Close on Your Time Frame

Most of the time, homeowners sell their houses in La Quinta because they need money urgently. We understand this and that is why we’re flexible enough to help you sell your house in as little as 7 days – or whenever’s best for you. When we buy your home in La Quinta, we will not bother you with questions on why you are selling or why you are in a hurry to sell.

Once you accept our offer, we’ll provide you with very simple and easy to understand paperwork. Simply sign these documents and return them. Then you can pickup your check or have funds wired to your bank. It’s that simple! Our home selling process is simple and can be completed in no time!

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Our Guarantee to You

We know things are tough right now, and we don’t want you to feel hopeless. Our simplified process was designed to help homeowners like you who are looking to escape from a tough situation. We’re willing to give you the cash you need to move on with your life, and take on the responsibility of the property that’s giving you so much grief.

To get started on the task of selling your La Quinta home, fill in our simple form on this page. We will review your house immediately and get back to you within 24 hours or less with a real cash offer. When you accept our offer, you’re seven days or less away from having your property sold. You can reach us at any time by phone at 951-331-3844. We look forward to providing you with the service you deserve.

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Give us a call now: 951-331-3844 to get started or click here to fill out the short form

Trouble Finding a Buyer for Your La Quinta Home?

La Quinta’s recovery from the market collapse was dismal 2 years ago but has since recovered by 4.8% over the last year. Over $200,000 was been lost in value averages, and values are finally regaining traction. Growth was painstakingly slow, and there have been a few minor setbacks along the way. While the market is still recovering, it’s anticipated to continue growing by 2.6% within the next year. Since the market is hot, home owners are finding relief in knowing their homes are likely to sell at an acceptable rate even though it may still take time for things to get back to the way they used to be.

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“I felt the price was fair and consistent with the condition of the house. I wish more things in life would be this pleasant. Thank you!” – Richard C.

La Quintas Real Estate Market

We buy houses in La Quinta, CA
We can buy your house in La Quinta, CA

La Quinta’s real estate market is hot. This is great for anyone in the area looking to sell. However, over 11.5% of listings undergo price cuts, and many of them won’t even sell before their listings run out.

Hot markets favor sellers. However, they favor sellers with properties in-line and up to date with the current industry standard. Desperate homeowners without updates homes unfortunately may let their properties go for unreasonably low prices when they’ve had enough of the inevitable frustration that comes with the market.

Things are better in La Quinta. But if you’re having trouble trying to get out of the area, you’re one of many in the same position. Your best bet if your home isn’t in the best condition is to sell it outside the market, and doing so is easier than you may think when selling it in ‘as-is’ condition.

Let Us Help you Sell Your La Quinta Home Fast

SoCal Home Buyers buys houses in La Quinta, CA no matter the condition of your home. All we’re concerned with is purchasing home at a fair price that you’re happy with. It doesn’t matter where your homes is, or even what condition in.

When you feel like you’re in over your head, you can use our contact form below or give us a call at 951-331-3844. We have cash on hand, and we’d love to buy your house in La Quinta, CA quickly.

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Give us a call now: 951-331-3844 to get started or click here to fill out the short form

We buy houses in La Quinta, CA – 92210, 92247, 92248, 92253. If you own a home in La Quinta, CA that needs to sell, contact us today… we’d love for the opportunity to help you sell your La Quinta home so you can move on with life stress free! We look forward to speaking with you!

We also buy houses in cities around La Quinta like Palm Desert, Palm Springs,
Coachella, Indian Wells, Cathedral City, Hemet and Indio.