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About Our Company

Want to sell your house fast in Nuevo? Look no further. Our team at SoCal Home Buyers specializes in buying homes quickly and efficiently, without the need for listing on the market.

Whether you’re looking to sell my house fast Nuevo or just want to avoid the stress and headaches of traditional methods, we’re here to help! As a husband and wife team of real estate investors, we can help you sell your house fast no matter your reason for selling.

Contact us now at 951-331-3844 to learn more about our services and how we can help you sell your house fast Nuevo.

Do you need to sell your house quickly but don’t want to go through the hassle of listing it on the market or working with real estate agents?

We are cash home buyers who can help you sell your home fast in Nuevo, CA. We have helped hundreds of homeowners sell their homes quickly and efficiently, without the stress and hassle of listing.

We understand the urgency of needing to sell your house fast and we have the experience and expertise to assist you in any situation.

We buy houses as-is, in any condition, and have been doing so for over 15+ years. Trust us as your go-to solution for selling your home fast in Nuevo, CA. Contact us today to learn more.

– Doug & Andrea Van Soest, Co-founders SoCal Home Buyers

“I’m very, very glad we got ahold of you Doug. I appreciate everything you did. You were really on top of things.”

– Anita S. 

We Buy Houses in Nuevo, CA No Matter What

We Buy Houses in Nuevo that Turn Other Buyers Away


If you need to sell your house because you’re relocating and don’t want to deal with Real Estate Agents, we’ll buy your home so you can move on with life sooner than later.


If you need to sell your house before foreclosure, contacting us as soon as possible, can get you the cash you need to help pay down your debt. Call us now at: 951-331-3844.

Inherited Home?

If want to sell a home you inherited in Californiadon’t want to deal with it, even if you want to sell in probate, we can pay you cash for it and help through the entire process. 

Needs Repairs?

Need to sell a house in poor condition? No condition to list on the market? We buy houses in need of repairs. Contact us today. We’ll give you a fair all cash offer and take the burden off your hands. 

Bad Tenants?

Need to sell a rental property or one occupied by tenants? Tired of landlording, or fed up with bad tenants? No problem! We’ll give you a fair all cash offer for your house and even take your Tenants with us! Contact us to learn more: 951-331-3844.


Want to sell your house to fund retirement? Need a successful downsize? Forget the hassle of Real Estate Agents. We’ll pay you a fair market value for your house ‘as-is’ – no strings attached! 

We’ll Help You Sell Your House Quickly

Sell Your House in Nuevo Stress-Free

Sell with Certainty

We’ve been buying homes for over 12 years. We have the resources to pay cash fast to buy your house without the need for a loan or bank approval. 

Pay Nothing Out of Pocket

Guaranteed to be NO realtor fees and NO commissions when we buy your house. We pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction.

Close When You Need

You can sell your house fast and close fast or as long as you need. We can close in as little as a week or up to 30 days – the choice is yours!

No Repairs Needed 

We’re a local home buying company, that can buy your home whether it’s old and needs major repairs, tenant occupied or filled with stuff. 

Stress-Free Transaction

You can sell your house fast with no rush to move. You don’t have to move out right away, you can stay in your home for a while until you locate another house.

Fair Offers 

We can pay CASH and put it in your hands within a few hours or days of you contacting us. We’re a local cash home buyer. The sooner you want to close by, the sooner you get paid.

Here’s what our Nuevo clients say

Real Testimonials from our Nuevo home sellers

Sheldon V. – Nuevo, CA

The Deal Went very smooth. We felt we were treated very fairly and everything went as Doug had told us it would. We also agreed to carry back a note which we appreciated as it helped us out tax wise. Please feel free to use us as referrals.”

Janie & David B. – Hemet, CA

“This was very helpful as we live 6 hours away. First impressions are important; meeting with Gavino to look at the property & explain things set the tone for a very good experience. Many Thanks to the staff for your Hard Work.”

Diane K. – Apple Valley, CA

I was very satisfied with how you handled the details of the house.My questions were thoroughly answered and your team was a big help. I was very satisfied with the price I received. I really thought it was going to be a lot of work.”

Get a Fair, No Obligation Cash Offer Today!

If you need to sell your house fast in Nuevo CA, as a family owned home buying company that serves Nuevo, we buy houses fast and offer simple solutions to selling your home. You can sell today without the expenses and costs of a real estate agent. 

Here’s How We Make Selling Your House in Nuevo Simple

Selling Your Home on the Market

  • Average 4-6 Months until closing
  • Uncertainty if your buyer will fall out of Escrow
  • Multiple showings & Inconvenient Inspections
  • Real Estate Agent commissions, Closing Costs & Hidden Fees
  • Costly Repairs, upgrades, clean-out & trash haul-away
  • Dealing with problem Tenants & long expensive evictions

(Difficult Process)

Selling to SoCal Home Buyers

  • Close on whatever date you need
  • Peace of mind with a reliable, no-obligation cash offer
  • One friendly visit from our Team
  • No realtor fees, closing costs or Commissions
  • No repairs, cleaning or removing unwanted items
  • Sell whether Tenant occupied or you live out of state
  • Guaranteed easiest Real Estate transaction you’ll ever make

(Painless Process)

We Buy Houses in Nuevo, CA in Any
Situation or Circumstance

Get Cash for Your Nuevo House Regardless of Why You’re Selling

We Buy Houses in All Nuevo Including:

Looking to sell your house fast in Nuevo?

Look no further. Our cash home buying services are the solution you’ve been looking for. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of traditional home selling methods, and let us take the reins for a fast and easy transaction.

We specialize in buying houses for cash, regardless of location or circumstance. Contact us today to learn how we can make the process of selling your Nuevo home a breeze!

Doug Van Soest and Richard S. - San Diego, CA - SoCal Home Buyers

You’re One Step Away from Selling Your House in Nuevo California

If you’re in need of a professional and reliable solution to sell your home quickly in Nuevo, we can genuinely help. As local experts in cash home buying, we specialize in providing expert real estate solutions for homeowners in Riverside, San Bernardino, LA, San Diego, and Orange County.

Whether you’re facing a difficult situation or simply looking for a fast and hassle-free way to sell your home, we’re here to help. Our team of experienced professionals will make you a fair, no-obligation cash offer for your property, ensuring a smooth and stress-free selling experience. Don’t wait, contact us today and let us help you move on with your life.

But it Gets Better!

When you sell your house fast to us, there’s no rush to move! You don’t have to move out right away. You can stay in your home for a while until you find another place to live. We’re confident we can help you today regardless of the situation. Request your fast cash offer today and experience the easiest transaction you’ll have all year!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

A cash home buyer is a person or company that pays for a property with cash or a cash equivalent, such as a cashier’s check.

Selling to a cash buyer can be a quick and easy way to sell a house fast, as cash buyers are typically able to close a sale more quickly than buyers who need to secure financing. Additionally, cash home buyers may be willing to purchase a property in “as-is” condition, which can save the seller from having to make costly repairs or renovations. Especially if the house is in poor condition.

You can find cash buyers for your house by contacting local real estate investors, searching online for “cash home buyers” or “we buy houses” companies, or by working with a real estate agent who has experience working with cash buyers. We are also a local cash home buyer that can help you sell your house in Nuevo, CA.

A legitimate cash home buying companies will typically have a track record of buying and selling properties, and should be able to provide references or Testimonials from previous sellers. Additionally, you should ask for proof of funds and also conduct a background check on the buyer. It’s always a good idea to contact and speak with these companies directly to get an understanding of their business practices.

The benefits of selling to a cash home buyer include a quick and easy sale process, the ability to sell a property in “as-is” condition, and the potential to avoid paying real estate commission and closing costs. People with homes that are difficult to list on the Market will typically benefit more than someone that can demand full market value for their home.

The amount a cash home buyer will pay for your house will depend on a variety of factors, including the condition of the property, the location, and the current market conditions. Typically, cash home buyers will offer a lower price than the market value of the property, as they are looking to make a profit when they resell the property.

Depending on your circumstances and unique situation however, some sellers with homes not suitable to list on the MLS may walk away with more than they would if they had listed. It’s always best to reach out to any home buying companies to get an offer on your home you can compare against.

We buy houses fast of all types. Single-Family, Multi-Family, condos, inherited properties, fixer-uppers, turn keys, tear downs, houses damaged by weather, foreclosures & even tenant &  squatter occupied homes. We even buy some commercial properties. If you’re not sure if we’d buy your home, give us a call: 951-331-3844 we’d love to speak with you.

The drawbacks of selling to a cash buyer in Nuevo, CA CAN include receiving a lower price for the property than it might fetch on the open market, and working with a less-experienced or less-reputable buyer.

It’s important to be aware of first time real estate investors compared to reputable house companies with proven track records.

We understand that some tenants are a nightmare. We’ll relieve the burden by paying you a fair price and taking the tenants with us. We buy houses that are Tenant occupied all the time and can help make a smooth transition for you to avoid the hassle of dealing with them. Learn more about selling your rental property with tenants or give us a call: 951-331-3844 – we’d love to speak with you.

Yes you can sell your inherited property in California. We buy homes that are inherited more than any other. Our simple and painless process can help you sell your house without having to clean out the house, make repairs, finish probate, and get you your money fast.

If you’re not sure if we’d buy your home, give us a call: 951-331-3844 we’d love to speak with you.

Our process is simple and painless.  Once you get your free cash offer and accept, you can close on whatever date you need. Close escrow in as little as 7 days or 30 days. Whatever works best for you! Click here to get started or call us at: 951-331-3844.

Absolutely not. The offer we make on your Nuevo home does not have any legal obligation for you to take it. It is 100% free and can give you a good idea of what you can make should you choose to accept it.

While some of the members of our team are licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of California, we operate as private investors. This allows us to provide you with this service free of any closing costs or commissions. You can learn more by giving us a call at: 951-331-3844

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