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Selling your house fast to an investor seems so easy.

Many homeowners wonder whether or not there’s a catch. An investor comes in, makes you an offer on your home, and sometimes that offer isn’t what you’re expecting.

It’s easy to mistake this as a low-ball offer. This is why understanding what an investor intends to do with your home will show you what their motives are and how they prepared that offer.

It’s a simple process, and there’s nothing misleading about it.

A great investor will be transparent about what their intentions are, and why they’re eager to purchase your property.

If you’re in a position where you’re considering the help of an investor, researching what investors do may put your mind at ease.

They Repair It

A lot of homeowners who turn to investors make that decision because their home is significantly damaged in some way.

It could be the result of something like a fire or a flood that wasn’t covered by insurance, or it could be because the home has simply fallen into a state of disrepair for an extended period of time.

Investors buy these homes because they intend to fix them.

If there are any code violations or serious structural defects, repairing these things is at the top of any home investor’s list. They’ll tend to everything from the plumbing to the electrical.

They work with contractors who will come in to repair or rebuild the affected portions of the home, and their offer reflects how much they estimate they’ll spend on hiring those contractors to handle the necessary repairs.

They Renovate It

Homes that haven’t been modernized don’t do well on the traditional market. If the tile you had when you moved in is the same time you had when you moved out, an investor is going to replace your flooring. They’ll likely execute a major overhaul of important areas of the home, like your kitchen and your bathrooms.

These areas of a home are very significant through the eyes of a buyer. Most buyers are unwilling to purchase homes with very dated kitchens and bathrooms, because these areas are very expensive to remodel.

Investors have the cash to make these crucial renovations.

These renovations extend beyond new cabinets and shower hardware. Investors may even build additions onto your home. They’ll knock down walls, put in new windows, and they might even build a deck in your back yard.

At the end of the process, your home will look like a completely different place, and most of it will be new. This is a very costly process, and the investor deducts those costs from their offer.

They Try to Make the Neighborhood Better

Your home may not do well on the traditional market because it’s in a bad neighborhood.

The neighborhood may have been perfect when you first moved in, but time may have taken a significant toll on things.

It happens to the best of us.

Since the average buyer doesn’t want to settle for a home in a neighborhood that feels less than welcoming, investors may look at the surrounding homes.

They’ll buy as many homes in the neighborhood as they can, and give them all the same treatment they gave your home.

This will raise property values in your neighborhood and make it a more desirable place to live.

If other homes aren’t available when they purchase your home, they’ll keep an eye on your neighborhood to see if your neighbors decide to place their properties up for sale.

They Find a Traditional Buyer

Once they’ve put enough work into your home to help it reach its fullest potential, their goal is to sell that home for its full market value.

If the market is bad, even perfect homes won’t sell too quickly. They’re willing to hold out until the time is right to sell, so you won’t be stuck with a property you don’t want while you’re waiting for the market health to recover.

Almost every homeowner who decides to call an investor does so because they haven’t had any luck finding a traditional buyer on their own.

When you sell to an investor, the investor is going to do everything that needs to be done to lure that buyer in.

It takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of hard work for that investor to transform your property into the kind of home a traditional buyer wants.

With an investor, you’re bypassing all of that.

  • You’re spending nothing out of your own pocket
  • You’re able to sell right away.
  • You can move on faster, and they’re glad to handle all of the heavy lifting.

The home you don’t want is no longer your problem, and it’s been left in capable hands.

This is the biggest advantage that comes with choosing a home investor.

How Can You Find an Investor?

If you’re looking for an real estate investor to purchase your home, we would be glad to fill that role.

We’re a private home investment company that purchases homes in cash, and we can close the sale in as little as seven days.

It doesn’t matter why you’re selling – we’re prepared to handle anything. When you don’t want to wait anymore, we’re as patient as can be.

All we need from you is a few details about the property you’re trying to sell. We’ll have one of our home investment professionals review these details and send you an offer.

If you have any questions about that offer, we’re always available to answer them. Once you accept, we’re ready to start the sale process and take your unwanted home off of your hands.

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