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Even if you intended to live in your home forever, things may change. If your company is expanding and you’re interested in a future position that will require relocation, you might be considering taking that opportunity.

If you want to retire soon, you might want to do it in a whole new state. Maybe you’re a newlywed who would like to have children somewhere down the line, and your current home won’t be large enough for a new addition to your family.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of advantages to preparing your home for sale when that sale is still a faint glimmer on the horizon.

After all, the early bird gets the worm.

You’ll Have Time to Make Repairs

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, you should make a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be repaired.

The modern home buyer is savvy, and likely to request a full inspection of the home before they’re willing to make an offer.

Your repair list should address everything that an inspector might find.

When you take an inventory of the repairs that need to be made, you might realize there’s more than you bargained for. Every repair is going to take time and money.

When the list grows, you’ll realize just how much time and money you’re contending with. When you start early, you’ll have more time to schedule these repairs and figure out how you’re going to pay for them.

It’s Easy to Break Costs Down

Easy to Break Down Housing Costs

Repairs come first, but renovations are also very important. If your cabinets are in great shape but they’re been faithfully holding your dishes for the past two decades, they may need a little face lift.

Replacing old flooring and installing new counter-tops isn’t crucial to selling a home unless you live in a very competitive market, but it will certainly make it easier to draw in potential buyers with a serious interest in your modern property.

It can cost over ten thousand dollars to remodel a kitchen. Bathrooms can also be quite costly.

As luck would have it, these are the two areas that the people viewing your home are most likely to scrutinize.

If you plan to sell your home a few years out, you can work through these renovations one project at a time. Install new flooring this month, and replace the counter-tops a few months down the line. You’ll be able to save up and slowly spend without driving yourself into the poor house.

You Can Wait Out a Slow Market

You Can Wait out a Slow Real Estate Market

When you know you want to sell but the market is slow, use the waiting time to your advantage. When it’s not the right time to sell, it’s the right time get your home ready to sell.

Rather than wasting all of that time waiting for things to turn around, turn it into a productive period.

You may see a bigger payoff in the end.

Spend this time researching what homes in your area are currently selling. Even in a slow market, a few are bound to move.

What do those homes have that yours doesn’t?

What criteria do these homes meet that you can replicate?

You’ll be able to appeal to your area’s typical buyer by tailoring to their interests. When more buyers start to trickle in, you’ll already have what they’re looking for.

You Can Hold Off Until the Right Season

Spring is the perfect time to sell a home. Everyone’s on the hunt for their new dream house. If you weren’t ready this spring, you have until next spring to figure everything out.

Rather than devoting all of your selling resources to an attempted sale during a rough season, you can save them up and employ your strategy at a more opportune time.

Spring is a competitive season, and you’ll have at least a year to make your home a worthy competitor. When the season finally rolls around to tell your home, you’ll spend less time trying to get potential buyers through the door.

They’ve already been waiting for the open houses of the spring, and you won’t have to dilly dally.

You’ll Have a Better Home to Live in While You Wait

You'll Have a Better House to Live in While You Wait

Sometimes, selling your home can take a while. Many homeowners are finding long waiting periods to become increasingly more common. While you’re waiting for your home to sell, you should be happy living in it.

Even if it takes you much longer than you’ve planned, you’ll be able to enjoy your improved plumbing and your new lighting fixtures.

You’re increasing the value of your home, and you’ll be able to enjoy its appeal. If you’re going to be holding out for a while, there’s no reason you shouldn’t like the place you’ll be holding out in.

If you’ve holding out for a couple of years, you may even watch the property value climb higher than you expected while the market starts to warm up.

What To Do When You Don’t Have Years to Prepare

What to do if You need to Sell Now

What if you need to sell your house now?

Dire financial straits or an emergency that requires relocation won’t permit you to spend years preparing your home and waiting for the right buyer to come along.

What if you don’t have the resources you need to prep your home?

The good news is that you can still sell your home – and you can do it in a matter of a couple weeks.

Southern California Home Buyers is a home investment company that would love to buy your home in the quickest and simplest way possible.

We’ll buy homes that could use some serious prepping without expecting you to do any of the hard work.

When you can’t afford to wait, all you need to do is send us the details about the property you’re trying to sell. We can send you a speedy all cash offer on your home. As soon as you accept, consider your home sold. You can learn more about us and how our process works by clicking here.

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