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With the state of the current housing market, it can easily take months or in really bad cases, years to sell a distressed or unwanted property. Here at Southern California Home Buyers we guarantee that the sell of your home will be fast, efficient and beneficial for you and your family.

We provide some of the best home buying services in Southern California and guarantee an exceptionally easy process for you. Our goal is to provide a win-win agreement and give you an offer you are more than happy with for your home.

If you’re home is in the process of foreclosure we can also buy your home from you fast.

You no longer have to stress about being evicted from your home. We can help get you the cash that you need to pay your debts and walk away with your credit intact and avoid those nasty marks you would otherwise incur.

We make selling simple. We don’t charge you any costs on your add or add any additional stress to your life. If dealing with realtors is something you don’t want to do our process may be the perfect fit for your situation. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist with the sale of your home. We can be reached directly at 951-331-3844.

We are available Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm.

Our support staff is here to help you so give us a call today!

Thank you!


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