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If you're looking for a way to sell your San Diego house fast, then there's no better place to look than Southern California Home Buyers. We are private investors and have an outstanding satisfaction history.

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If you need to sell your property we want to buy your San Diego county house fast for cash!

We'll buy your San Diego house in its exact condition without you needing you to clean, make repairs & upgrades, or pay expensive commissions & realtor fees

If you're interested in selling your home without a Realtor, we can provide you with an alternative solution that may be easier, less costly and much faster than listing your home on the market. Every year we help over home owners in San Diego county sell unwanted or troublesome real estate that's causing them some kind of emotional pain or stress.

If you've been considering listing on the market but would really like to avoid all of that hassle, we can genuinely help you with your San Diego property.

The reality is listing a house on the market is time-consuming, expensive, stressful and complicated. Now with the help of the internet, new opportunities and doors are open to home owners that need better, faster and alternative ways to sell a house.

That's where we come in. We offer you a very simple and painless sales process that can take just a week to close on your home no matter it's condition or whatever situation you may be in currently, that's forcing you to sell your home. Whether you're a burned out landlord, inherited a property, trying to avoid foreclosure or any other problem, we can buy your house. 


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Here's how to sell your San Diego County house to So Cal Home Buyers

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"When it was all settled and done it was definitely the right call to sell to Doug & So Cal Homes"

-Isabel V.

Selling your house in San Diego County has never been this simple!

The last thing you probably want is to be stuck with your house and unable to get rid of it. If your property is outdated, needs repairs, upgrades and renovations, listing on the market may be incredibly difficult. Or perhaps your situation makes it unlikely your home will even sell on the market.

Either way, the home will only become more of a burden the longer it sits without being sold. If this is the case for you we can buy it from you and relieve your stress. Sadly, you'll see many "We Buy Houses" companies online all promising you virtually the same exact things which makes it difficult to know who to trust.

What makes us different is we have the experience, resources and team needed to fulfill those promises. Unfortunately many of these businesses you see online are new business owners looking to get started in real estate.

We have been in business since 2006 and have provided our customers with a high level of satisfaction. You can view past sellers experiences selling their homes to us by checking out our reviews on facebook, yelp and our website.

Our motto here at Southern California Home Buyers is 'Selling Made Simple' and we truly mean that. Selling your home may be as simple as requesting an offer, determining a close date and picking up your check at the end of the week.

It's our goal to create a win-win situation for the both of us that will leave you happy and satisfied with the price you get for your home and the smoothness of the transaction. The best part is you determine the closing date. Need to close fast? Want to draw it out a little longer while you find another place to live? No problem!

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San Diego's Real Estate Market Overview 2018

If you've already listed your house without success, you may be able to bypass the market entirely

It’s not typical for a San Diego property to relist more than once before a successful sale is completed. Chances are, if it hasn’t sold after it’s been relisted, it probably won’t sell to a traditional buyer. The first thing you should do is make sure you’re selling your home correctly. It may be worth having your home appraised by a professional to ascertain that your asking price is reasonable.

If your home is worth less than you thought it was, it’s typically due to one of three reasons. A combination of reasons will make the home even more difficult to sell. Homes that are vastly outdated, homes in serious need of repair, and homes in bad neighborhoods are continually passed over by buyers.

They want to purchase a home, move their family in, and immediately start their life. If the conditions of your property won’t allow them to do that, they’ll find a similarly priced home that’s already primed for their use. Even some of the neighborhoods with the highest property values are regarded as undesirable neighborhoods.

Kearny Mesa, for example, is generally regarded as a poor neighborhood. Mission Bay Park, Mission Valley West, Balboa Park, and Gaslamp are all subject to high crime rates. No matter what you to do your property, families are apt to take a skeptical approach to properties located in these neighborhoods. In this scenario, you’ll need to find a buyer who doesn’t mind. This is where a home investor may prove to be useful.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, we can help relieve the unwanted stress of selling

San Diego's current home values

If you’re looking to move out of San Diego, or even move to a different part, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a family who would love to move into your home.

San Diego County is a very mixed bag in terms of real estate values.  The entire county is divided into very distinct neighborhoods, with each of them effectively serving as worlds of their own.

Even the lower home values in San Diego county are relatively high when compared so areas of rural California. The highs don’t come close to some of the luxury property values in Los Angeles or Riverside counties.

While the difference in values is noteworthy, the increments are reasonable on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. While these are the average values, some outliers may exist.

There are certainly homes that will sell for more than $612,200, and there are homes worth less than $260,000. Things like the neighborhood in which the home is located and the property’s current state of repair can have a significant impact on the property’s fair market value.

San Diego’s real estate is shaped to suit a wide variety of lifestyles. There’s a lot to choose from, and there’s a buyer for every niche. Homeowners in areas like Adams North can expect to sell fairly quickly.

Homeowners in areas like Grantville can expect to sell their homes in a timely manner, though perhaps not as timely as homeowners who are selling upscale properties in traditionally in-demand neighborhoods.

San Diego market overview

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San Diego home values

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San Diego's current market trend

San Diego’s market is hot, and it’s sitting at an above average level of health. Buyers love the wide array of properties, and are drawn to its diverse communities.

The market has been growing slow but steady, with relatively few setbacks. Properties are selling, but they’re not always selling for their asking prices. With 15.5% of properties selling at a price cut and 10.6% of properties selling for less than their previous sale price, not all sales are ideal for homeowners.

The majority of homes in San Diego County will sell anywhere from 3 to 6 months after listing. Hot properties are often grabbed up right away, particularly those that are high value.

A great home will sell in the blink of an eye, and that’s wonderful news for homeowners who are looking to sell an upscale property.

For homeowners in areas within the lower end of the spectrum, homes will still sell. They may take a little longer, but there are definitely buyers seeking these properties. If the sale of your home seems to be a never ending process, this is definitely a sign that you’re approaching the sale process incorrectly.

If you find yourself listing and relisting, or you’re in a situation where you don’t have time to wait for the right buyer to come along, you may want to skip the traditional sale process.

Homes that buyers are interested in don’t mingle on the market for very long. If you find yourself with an undesirable property, you have a few choices to make.

Why use a Real Estate Investor over a Realtor?

Home investors simply don’t care about the many different things that may dissuade a traditional buyer from purchasing your home.

Investors aren’t buying homes to live in – they’re buying homes to transform into homes that others will want to live in. They take on the job of addressing the concerns that buyers may have about a property, and they pay for the repairs and renovations that buyers will want.

To do so, their offer is less the costs of the funds they intend to spend on work to the property. Southern California Home Buyers is one of these investment companies.

We’ve been purchasing homes in San Diego County for years, and we’re here to help homeowners who aren’t finding a solution to the issues they face when attempting to sell on the traditional market.

All you need to do is provide us with information about the property you’re trying to sell, and we’ll be able to prepare you a quick cash offer. If the traditional market has failed you, we’d love to help you succeed.

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What do our San Diego clients say?

"Living in South Carolina and trying to sell a house (probate) in California over the phone, I expected some monumental problems or at least some conflict of promises. Your staff “Lisa” sent me the contract to buy the house “as-is” and the process moved to the escrow company for completion with little or no pain. I felt the price was fair and consistent with the condition of the house. I wish more things in life would be this pleasant. Thank you!"

Richard C., San Diego

Selling Made Simple!

If you have the time, finances & patience to list your house, this will likely be a good path for you. If you don't, & you know your home isn't going to sell, listing will only make your life more difficult. If you just want to be done, we can buy your house as a great alternative that'll give you peace of mind. Request your offer now & let us help you sell your property.

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