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If it's time to sell your San Bernardino County house we're a great solution to consider that helps you avoid expensive fees, sell fast, and regain your peace of mind from the property

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We want to buy your San Bernardino County Home

No matter the condition of the home or your reason for selling, we help San Bernardino home owners avoid the hassle of listing on the market and waiting months to find a buyer.

In many cases, the traditional home selling method with an agent may not be the best. If you own a property that's already stressing you out, adding on expensive realtor fees, long closing times, back breaking repairs, strangers walking through your home, property inspections, etc. will only add to your stress.

Why stress for months trying to find a buyer when you can have your home sold in just a few days? When you decide to sell your property us you will avoid having to go through the hassle that comes with listing your home.

Not only that, but we don't have to qualify for financing. As private investors we have the cash on hand right now to take your property off your hands.

Our goal at So Cal Home Buyers is to provide you with the most painless and stress free way to sell your house

The best part about working with us is that it doesn't matter why you're selling. Whether you're done being a landlord, inherited a home you can't afford to keep, facing foreclosure, or just want a hassle-free way to unload that property, we're here to help you get it done.

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Here's How to Get Started Selling Your San Bernardino Home

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"When it was all settled and done it was definitely the right call to sell to Doug & So Cal Homes"

-Isabel V.

Give us a call right now at: (951) 331-3844

If you're currently a seller that doesn't have the time, patience or finances required to prepare your house to sell on the market, give us a call today and let us know about the property you'd like to sell.

Too many brand new "We Buy Houses" types of websites are popping up every day. Unfortunately, many of these businesses don't have the experience required to provide you with the promises they're making.

We have been in business since 2006 and have helped over 450 sellers by providing them a fast and hassle free transaction. Feel free to checkout our reviews on facebook, yelp and our website.

When you sell your san bernardino county property to us, you are guaranteed to be in good hands. We'll provide you with a fast and painless process you won't get listing your home on the real estate market.

Please keep in mind the benefits of selling to our company. You will NOT pay any commissions or other closing costs on this sale, saving you thousands of dollars and lots of time and headaches.

We’ll buy it in its AS-IS condition. You won’t need to spend any time or money fixing anything! And, our team can assist you with all the paperwork and closing process. You don’t even have to leave your house. The whole process will be quick and hassle free for you.

If the offer is acceptable, we'll send you a very simple sellers agreement for you to sign and return to us to get the process started immediately.

Once those documents have been signed, we'll open escrow and escrow will provide you with some additional simple paperwork to sign and return. Once everything's been signed and returned, congratulations! You've sold your home.

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"I'm really glad we got ahold of you Doug - you were really on top of things."

-Anita S. Riverside, CA

San Bernardino's Real Estate Market - 2018

Some homes practically sell themselves, but others may need special considerations before a buyer can be located. If you want a smooth transaction we may be able to help.

It’s a little scary when your home isn’t selling in a market that’s generally regarded as competitive, although very healthy. There’s sure to be a reason why people simply aren’t making offers, and you may not need to hire a detective to uncover these reasons.

If you know your home is in bad shape, it goes without saying that you cannot command the market value of a similar property in good shape. Why would a buyer make an offer on your home, knowing that it needs a new roof and that the plumbing is problematic, when they can make the same offer on a home that’s move-in ready?

If there are some repairs that need to be made, getting the work done can mean the difference between actually selling your home and idly standing by. Structural repairs are of the utmost importance.  If you can afford to make them and you have the time to wait for these repairs to be completed, they might be worthwhile.

In the event that your home requires a laundry list of serious repairs, you can expect to foot a staggering bill. This isn’t an option for everyone, and sometimes, the repairs won’t even yield a return on investment.

"Sometimes repairs won't even yield a return on your investment."

What are home values averaging in San Bernardino County?

San Bernardino is very straight forward when it comes to property values. The market is predictable, and there isn’t a lot of disparity between home values.

No matter the neighborhood you live in, you can expect your home’s value to fall somewhere between the lower $200,000s and the low mid $300,000s if your property is modernized and well maintained.

San Bernardino County is a little quieter than surrounding counties, offering up some more nature and a lot of family-centered communities. This is, in fact, what a lot of buyers are looking for. The only issue with these types of properties is that they aren’t all that uncommon.

The variety of properties in San Bernardino is exceedingly limited, which causes most properties to command a similar value. If you find that your home doesn’t come close to these averages, this could be a sign that something is wrong.

Homes near Midtown, Colton, and Baseline often fall into this category. These are considered bad neighborhoods, which creates lower property values and homes that are difficult to sell.

San Bernardino County Market Overview

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San Bernardino Market Trend

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How does this effect your ability to sell?

The market in San Bernardino is slightly warmer than the market in surrounding counties, mostly because the style of living is at a slightly more leisurely pace.

Home values have grown and will continue to grow, which is a surefire sign of market stability. Though somewhere near 15% of homes will eventually sell at a price cut, with a small percentage of homes selling below their previous sale price, homes are still moving.

If your property is desirable, you can expect it to sell anywhere between 3 to 5 months after listing. This could mean that your home needs too much work in the form of repairs or renovations, or that it’s located in an area that buyers perceive to be unsafe.

In a market that’s slightly above average health, things are running in a predictable way. If you’ve already listed and have not yet found a buyer, or your home has seen a series of price cuts without receiving any meaningful offers, this is a bad sign.

Great properties will sell in a timely manner in San Bernardino County, and a lack of interest could signify that your home simply isn’t what buyers are looking for. In these cases, it may be wise to turn to a home investor as an alternative method of sale.

San Bernardino county market health

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San Bernardino county market health

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Why sell your house to a real estate investor?

Investors don’t particularly care about the condition of your property, how out of date it may be, what your situation is, or the area in which it’s located.

Bad neighborhoods, water or fire damage, leaking roofs and kitchens that have been left untouched since 1970 won’t dissuade an investor from purchasing a home. They work with contractor and renovation specialists who are capable of implementing complete transformations.

The main goal of an investor is to buy a home that needs work and transform it into the kind of property that’s considered highly desirable in its area. An investor prepares an offer that reflects the amount that they expect they’ll spend on the necessary repairs and renovations that buyers are looking for.

Southern California Home Buyers has years of experiences purchasing all kinds of homes subject to a variety of issues, under a variety of circumstances. Everything from foreclosures, inherited homes, family disputes, tax & lien problems, vacant & tenant occupied rentals.

If your home is hard to sell and needs a little extra care, we don’t mind taking on the responsibility ourselves. All you need to do is contact us with a little information about your property, and one of our experienced professionals will contact you in a timely manner with a quick cash offer for your San Bernardino home.

The responsibility of making the home market ready is no longer yours

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Request your offer today, sell your home tomorrow!

If your San Bernardino home is causing you some kind of unwanted stress or hassle, reach out to us today and let us help you remove that unwanted stress, at no cost and zero hassle to you. We buy Southern California houses fast for cash and are ready to help you make the transaction and transition go as smooth as possible for you.

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