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We buy houses in Los Angeles, CA at any price or condition

Here's how we can help you sell your Los Angeles house fast, today

If you're saying: “I need to sell my house fast in Los Angeles” we can help! If you're looking for a reliable option to sell your house fast, SoCal Home Buyers can make selling your home extremely simple! We buy houses in Los Angeles county in any condition or situation. We buy condos, townhomes, duplexes, multi and single family homes.

When you sell your house for cash in Los Angeles, you won't need to make repairs, pay commissions or closing costs. We're a professional home buying company that offers a great alternative to sell your house fast. We'll pay you cash for your house and close quickly (in as little as 7 days) so you can get your cash and move on with life!

Our simple process to sell your house fast in Los Angeles, CA

Why sell your house in Los Angeles without a Realtor?

If your house in Los Angeles isn't in the best condition, it will be difficult to list with a realtor. Many clients we buy houses in Los Angeles from, have many issues with their home. We want you to rest assured that we can help you with all of your problems. Unlike listing with a Realtor, selling your Los Angeles house to us allows you to avoid the stress and hassle of finding a buyer or possibly falling out of escrow.

Selling to SoCal Home Buyers

  • Close escrow in as little as 7 days
  • Peace of mind with a reliable cash buyer
  • One friendly visit from the SoCal Home Buyers Team
  • No fees, closing costs or realtor commissions
  • No repairs, cleaning or moving unwanted items
  • We'll take unwanted rentals with tenants

Selling with a Realtor

  • Average 4-6 months until closing
  • Uncertainty if your buyer will fall out of escrow
  • Multiple showings and inconvenient inspections
  • Realtor commissions, closing costs and hidden fees
  • Repairs, clean out and trash haul-away
  • You evict tenants or wait for Lease expiration
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When it was all settled and done it was definitely the right call to sell to SoCal Home Buyers and Doug. And I just want to thank him for the job he did in my parents home. He did a great job and I couldn't have asked for a better guy to do it.

Isabel W.

Sold to SoCal Home Buyers

We help Los Angeles home owners sell their houses quickly

Los Angeles home buyers that care

We're not seminar attendees looking to get started in real estate. We understand the difficulty selling a house in Los Angeles puts on you and we'll do everything we can to make sure the transaction is a smooth and painless process for you.

We buy houses in Los Angeles Fast

With over 20+ years of experience in valuations, appraisals, loans, renovating & buying real estate, we can help you sell your house in Los Angeles fast, for a fair and honest price when listing isn't an option.

"I'm very very glad we got ahold of you Doug. I appreciate everything you did. You were really on top of things."

-Anita S.

Sold to SoCal Home Buyers

Sell your House Fast in Los Angeles

When you sell your Los Angeles house to us, you'll get our seller guarantee that we'll buy your house and close on whatever date you need. We'll work entirely with your schedule so the process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

The best part about working with us is it doesn't matter why you need to sell; whether you're facing foreclosurerecently divorced, or need to sell a rental property - we can buy your Los Angeles home so you can move on with life sooner than later.

-Doug & Andrea Van Soest


Sell Your House in Los Angeles in Any Condition or Situation

We buy houses in Los Angeles for any reason and in any condition. We've been helping Los Angeles home owners sell unwanted or difficult real estate for over 12 years. We can help you sell your house and remove the uncertainty, stress and worry of a traditional real estate sale. No matter why you need to sell your Los Angeles house fast, we can help!

We've worked with many sellers who needed to sell their Los Angeles house fast due to moving out of state or for work. Selling on a quick deadline is hard - especially if you're listing. Selling to us allows you to close in as little as a week.

Sell your house fast...

We work with many Inheritees in Los Angeles. So we're very familiar with the probate process. If you want to sell your inherited home in Los Angeles we can sincerely help you. We understand not everyone wants two mortgages or wants to landlord family. When you sell to us we'll do right by you and your family.

Sell an inherited home...

Selling your house in Los Angeles when facing a divorce is stressful. We can help you eliminate a lot of that stress by selling off your real estate asset quickly for cash. No one wants to delay the sale by months waiting to find a buyer when facing divorce. When you sell to us you can cash out quick with a smooth transaction.

Sell my house due to divorce...

If you want to sell a rental house in Los Angeles due to being done with land-lording, bad tenants or just want to cash out - selling direct for cash is a great option. We can help you avoid unpleasant disputes with tenants for a seamless transaction and change of ownership.

Sell unwanted rental property...

When a home isn't up to market value in Los Angeles it can be difficult to sell on the market. When you sell your house to us we make it easy so you don't have to do any of the hard repair work yourself by buying the house 'as-is'.

Sell your home in need of repairs...

If you own a home in Los Angeles that's currently vacant and you just want to be rid of it, we're a great option. When you sell your vacant Los Angeles home to us you can forget about any further headache the home is causing. Forget about squatters and damage and cash out today.

Selling your Vacant home...

If you're facing foreclosure and would like to avoid it, selling your house fast in Los Angeles is a great option to avoid damage to your credit. When facing foreclosure it's best to contact us IMMEDIATELY to see what we can do for you and how we can help you with where you're at now.

Sell my house before foreclosure...

If you're looking to sell your Los Angeles house to downsize we can help! Whether you're retired or the kids have left the house, selling direct for cash can get cash in your hands fast to put a down payment on a new property in as little as 7 days.

Sell your house to downsize...

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Sell your House Fast in Los Angeles in just a few simple steps...

It's our goal to remove the stress that your home may be causing… while paying a fair and honest price

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1. Request a free, no-obligation cash offer or call: 951-331-3844

2. You'll receive a fair, no-obligation, all cash offer on your property.

3. We'll open escrow and close quickly or whenever you need.

Here's how we buy houses in Los Angeles fast for cash

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We buy houses in Los Angeles so
you can move on with life

"Just wanted to thank you ever so much for buying our home. Everything was quick and easy. Everyone was very nice and helpful to us. We are pleased with everything all did for us. Thanks again!"

-Juan & Brenda M.

Yes. If your home is already listed, many cash buyers will require the home to be off-market first. If it is, you can sell your house for cash in as little as 7-30 days.

Selling for cash generally doesn't require that you pay escrow fees, closing costs or Agent commissions. Most cash buyers will also buy your home in 'as-is' condition which doesn't require that you clean, haul away trash or make any repairs to the house.
You don't have to invest in repairs or upgrades. You can also save thousands on closing costs, escrow fees and Agent commissions by cutting out the middlemen.

Cash offers are also more likely to close since there are no loans or financing involved in the transaction. This means you get money in your pocket faster without the stress of a traditional sale if you don't have the time or desire to list on the MLS.
In a traditional financed transaction, you will have costs associated with closing, related to the loans origination, pre-paid financing, added fees, appraisals and recording fees. When selling a house for cash all of these fees can be waived and avoided and typically covered by the buyer.
Our goal is to allow you to receive the highest possible amount for your property while still having the purchase make sense as an investment for us.

We are seeking a Win-Win solution! More often than not, you can net MORE MONEY by selling to US than by listing the property and selling with a realtor.

Call me for an explanation (951) 331-3844. Or sign up here to get a cash offer on your home
We will buy the property in any condition. We’ve seen everything so don’t be embarrassed if your property is not in great (or even good) shape. Even if your home is in need of massive repair work, we will still buy your home at no cost to you whatsoever.
Yes! And not only will we buy your house, but we can help you avoid any damage to your credit. You can get more information by calling us directly at: (951) 331-3844
Absolutely not. The offer we make on your home does not have any legal obligation for you to take it. It is 100% free and can give you a good idea of what you can make should you choose to accept it.
While some of the members of our team are licensed Realtors in the state of California, we operate as private investors. This allows us to provide you with the service of not needing to pay fees or commissions. You can learn more about us here.
At SoCalHomeBuyers.com we buy all types of houses.

Large houses, small houses, condos, inherited properties, fixer-uppers, turn keys, tear downs, homes in need of extensive repair, houses damaged by weather, foreclosures & even tenant & squatter occupied homes.

We make it our goal to offer you a fair Price for your home and guarantee satisfaction when working with us.

No matter your reason for wanting to sell your house we have the experience and resources to buy your house in a fast and efficient way you will be more than happy with. We have helped many people in your situation and look forward to taking the hassle and headache out of what may seem to be a monumental task.

Sell your house for cash in Los Angeles without the hassle of listing

Selling your house in Los Angeles, CA may take several months if it's not in market condition. Not only that, but agent commissions, escrow fees and closing costs can take a huge chunk out of your earnings. SoCal Home Buyers, is a preferred home buying company in Los Angeles, CA that can buy your house for cash, in 'as-is' condition.

Unlike a traditional listing, we buy houses fast for cash in Los Angeles. When you sell to us, you won't have to make repairs or renovations. You wont have to clean or move items out. You don't even need to worry about your tenants. We'll handle all of this.

The best part is, is you'll keep 100% of the offer we make. Without  fees, closing costs or realtor commissions you'll save THOUSANDS on the sale of your Los Angeles home. Selling to us relieves the burden of selling your house in Los Angeles on the market. Simply request your cash offer below to see how much we'll pay for your Los Angeles home today!

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Here's What Our Happy Clients Are Saying...

SoCal Home Buyers
Based on 24 reviews
Great people very fast payment would use again.
Ali Zahedi
Ali Z.
10:44 08 Oct 19
The team at SoCal Home buyers are ethical, kind and professional people. I was going through a difficult situation while trying to sell my parents house. The team treated me with dignity, and respect and communicated with me at least once per week. The escrow company walked me through the process and answered all questions. Working with SoCal and the escrow company was very easy, during a difficult situation. Thank you SoCal Home Buyers!
Bridget Thurman
Bridget T.
22:42 26 Sep 19
This organization is run by a wonderful group of people who are easy to work with and have excellent communication skills. Looking forward to working with you again in the near future!
Steve Doan
Steve D.
16:51 16 Aug 19
The team members at So Cal Home Buyers were friendly, courteous, and very professional. I was very hesitant to sell my home, but felt very comfortable with this company’s honesty and business ethics. The team members made the process of selling my home comfortable to fit my needs and timeline. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to sell their home to contact So Cal Home Buyers first before signing a contract with any other agency.
Barbara Jones
Barbara J.
20:49 09 Jul 19
At one of the most stressful moments in my life, I was quite fortunate to have SoCal Home Buyers by my side. The family owned business was understanding, ethical, and professional in handling the sale of my parent’s home. Doug and his lovely wife offered support in all aspects including providing an excellent escrow company which always answered my quite numerous questions. I feel very blessed to have had SoCal by my side!
Michele Goddard
Michele G.
03:28 06 Jun 19
Doug & his team provide a great service. Highly recommended!!
Andrew M
Andrew M
16:56 07 Apr 19
Timely and smooth process. Friendly and professional staff. They understood my needs as a seller and went over and above to meet those needs. Highly recommend! ~Aaron & Kim Hall
Kim Johnston Hall
Kim Johnston H.
02:42 15 Feb 19
Professional, fair and accommodating, So Cal Home Buyers were ideal partners through a difficult situation. Their team is friendly and efficient. They are going to assist you through your predicament with clarity and integrity.You really should make them your first call!😃
Ron Rios
Ron R.
10:08 31 Jan 19
SoCal Homebuyers are great! They were professional and friendly to work with on a complicated property. The staff is excellent. Especially Danielle Lane, shes knowledgeable and patiently explained every detail in the process. Thank you SoCal Homebuyers, from the beginning to the end you were excellent.
mike estus
mike E.
19:03 28 Nov 18
amazing experience and worked great with us. everyone was very helpful and everything with smooth. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to sale a house fast without any bumps in the road.
Kaila Stephens
Kaila S.
01:19 22 Nov 18
Professional, courteous and willing to help through the entire process, which was fast and easy. I definitely recommend So Cal Home Buyers.
Snowy Weather
Snowy W.
01:01 08 Oct 18
We had many offers but we choose them because of there attitude and personality and they were great with answering questions for us his first time homesellers and we would highly recommend them for you as well
William Maurice
William M.
01:09 21 Feb 18
Great people. fantastic. contacted them right before the xmas holiday. thought would not get any reply till new year. LO and behold - had offer next day. after the holidays, stopped by office and took their offer. closed 2 weeks later. they offered a good price, walkthru inspection was easy, and all was done in 30 days of offer. all i can say - awesome. reliable, fair, courteous, and helpful. highly recommend them fort your home sale. quick, simple, fai, easy and most of all painless process of selling. (they handled all the closing and other paperwork).
Michelle Walton
Michelle W.
18:07 25 Jan 18
Southern California Home Buyers are very professional and very easy to work with. They give you weekly updates to make sure everyone stays in the loop. You are always able to reach them via phone,text, or email. This transaction has been a great experience for my parent's and I. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.
Chantel Hawthorne Rizo
Chantel Hawthorne R.
18:00 05 Dec 17
They where great everything was done professional and fast service,no complaints
Cecil Howerton
Cecil H.
21:36 27 Nov 17
An outstanding experience!! Would highly recommend this company!! It came to us by way of a television commercial right at the time when I was dealing with an other company and was having a very frustrating time, from the very first conversation with them I canceled the other company and moved forward. Great process, outcome and more importantly great people!!
Victor Ontiveros
Victor O.
03:32 15 Nov 17
Highly recommended, Danielle was very professional and pleasant, would definitely work with these guys again, if you want to sell your house these are the guys, thanks
Mike Bennett
Mike B.
10:01 20 Oct 17
Howard Snyder
Howard S.
16:33 29 Aug 17
From our first phone call everything went well. We actually cancelledour appt. but Allison called us back & that turned out great. Glad she did.. Escrowwas made painless with the help of a great staff, Kristen, Jaime, & Danielle. This was very helpful as we live 6 hours away. First impressions are important & ourmeeting with Gavino to look at the property & explain things set the tone for a very good experience. Many Thanks to the staff for your Hard Work.Janie & David Belk
Michelle Belk Corn
Michelle Belk C.
14:02 01 Feb 17
SCHB is an awsome company. They were there all the time through the whole process. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone that wants efficient results at a bargain price.Southern California Home Buyers all the way.
Jeffery Caruthers
Jeffery C.
19:45 02 Dec 16
Working with SoCal Home Buyers made a bad experience so much better. Thank you Lisa and Kristen for being so wonderful!
Keri Angerman
Keri A.
15:32 09 Nov 16
I will definitely refer my clients to them!
Rasheena mccord
Rasheena M.
17:40 19 Jan 16
Doug & his team provide an awesome service for home owners. He's quick to respond, helps you through every step and doesn't low ball the offer he makes on your home. Highly recommended!
Laura Manzano
Laura M.
19:00 03 Jan 15
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