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We buy homes fast for cash in Hacienda Heights, CA at any price, in any condition – guaranteed!

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SoCal Home Buyers is interested in purchasing your home in Hacienda Heights. So if you need to sell your home now in LA, we can help.

When you need to sell your house quickly in Hacienda Heights, CA or you feel like you’ve been waiting forever, it’s easy to lose hope about your situation. Before you lose hope, let us see if we can help you. We aren’t like regular buyers, and we’ll be able to purchase your home safely, in cash, and much faster than the majority of other buyers can.

SoCal Home Buyers has worked hard to become a trustworthy name in home investment, and we’ll never pass up an opportunity to prove our worth to a homeowner in need of help. We’ll always go the extra mile to reduce the stress in your life that your home may be causing.

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Why sell your house in Hacienda Heights, CA to us?

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“It was Definitely the Right Call to Sell to SoCal Home Buyers” – Isabel W.

Selling your house fast for cash in Hacienda Heights to SoCal Home Buyers is simple. We require minimal effort on your part, and allow you to avoid the stress and hassle of a traditional listing.

Without having to worry about the traditional requirements of a Realtor you can sell your house in Hacienda Heights Stress Free – Guaranteed!

When you sell your house in Hacienda Heights to us, you don’t have to worry about: 

  • Making repairs
  • Uncomfortable showings
  • Paying escrow fees
  • Paying 6% Realtor commissions
  • Long waiting times
  • Uncertainty of falling out of escrow

While using a Realtor is great, they can’t guarantee your home will sell. When we come to an agreement on price, you are guaranteed to close on the date of your choice.

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As cash buyers we don’t need to use banks to get a loan for the purchase. We have cash on hand to buy your house in Hacienda Heights in ‘as-is’ condition.

The best part is it doesn’t matter why you’re selling.

It doesn’t matter if:

We can help you sell your house fast in Hacienda Heights, CA no matter what, so that you can move on with life, stress-free.

How we make selling your house in Hacienda Heights, CA easy

1. We’re “As-Is” Buyers

We aren’t going to give you a list of things we need you to do before we’re willing to purchase your home. We’ll be making our own list of things we want to do with your property after we buy it. Don’t worry about fixing things up for us.

2. We’re Quick Closers

We can close whenever you’d like. Most of the time, we close in 7 days. Whether you need more time or less time is completely up to you. Just let us know, and we’ll make the arrangements.

3. We Don’t Put You to Work

We’re here to provide a service for you. Everything we do is designed to take the stress and burdens out of your end of the sale process. If you’ve had enough and you just want some peace of mind, here’s your chance to get it.

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Benefits of selling your Glendale, CA house to us

1. We’re a local family-business

Doug & Andrea Van Soest |
Founders, Doug & Andrea Van Soes

You may read classified ads about home investors located over a thousand miles away. It’s hard to meet with these people, but it’s not hard to meet with us. If you’re looking for is, you’ll find us in Murrieta, CA about an hour and a half from Hacienda Heights.

If you want to come to us, we’re easily accessible. If you’d prefer for us to come to you, we’re willing to visit you anywhere in Southern California.

You might be familiar with the intricate (and sometimes frustrating) traditional process, but we’re here to offer you an easier alternative.

2. Condition Doesn’t Matter

A buyer on the traditional market won’t even think twice about purchasing a home with a bad roof, but we couldn’t care less. We plan to fix up the homes we purchase, so buying homes that need a lot of work doesn’t make that much of a difference to us.

3. We Can Skip the Loan Process

We don’t have to get mortgage approval. When we make you a fair cash offer, that’s money we actually have on hand. It can go right from us to you as soon as you accept our offer, and there’s no reason to worry about the deal falling through.

4. We’ll Close the Sale Quickly

Working with an investor is the simplest way to sell your home. We’re able to close in a week if you’d like us to. If you’re still figuring out your future living arrangement or if you need to get out even faster, we can adjust our time-frame to match your personal preferences.

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5. We Do the Grunt Work

Even a flawless sale requires a boatload of paperwork, but we’ll worry about all of that. We’ll draw it up, review it with you, and show you where to sign. You can sit back and enjoy yourself while we’re getting everything together.

6. Condos and Mobile Homes Are No Problem

A lot of home investors are only interested in typical family homes. We’ll buy any home of any kind. We’re open to just about anything, including rentals that still have renters living in them.

7. It’s Always Fee-Free

Since you aren’t selling through someone else, there’s no reason to pay out a commission. You get all of our offer, and you won’t have to give any of it back during any part of the sale process. We never charge you fees.

The Way the Market Moves in Hacienda Heights

We can buy your house in Hacienda Heights
We can buy your house in Hacienda Heights

Hacienda Heights has hit a few bumps, but things are looking much better now than how they used to be. The average Hacienda Heights home is valued around $658,000, and that growth has come to a complete halt.

While that figure is great in terms of value recovery, it’s also where great ends. Nothing else is going to happen any time soon, so there’s no sense in waiting for your home to accumulate more value before you decide to sell.

The Hacienda Heights market is unhealthy in its current standing. And is expected to decline by 0.7% in the next year. Though it does have a slight preference for sellers, sellers aren’t finding the buyers they need even though the market is fairly hot, which means that only the best of the best properties can expect to sell in a reasonable timeframe.

If you decide to utilize the traditional market, expect to deal with long listing times. If your property has seen better days, you might even have to relist a few times before you finally find the right buyer.

SoCal Home Buyers Happy Seller
“I felt the price was fair and consistent with the condition of the house. I wish more things in life would be this pleasant.” – Richard C., Sold to SoCal Home Buyers

Do you want to sell your house in Hacienda Heights?

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If the market is giving you trouble or urgent circumstances are pressing you to relocate quickly, we’ll always be willing to buy your house in Los Angeles. We work for you, and all we need are a few details to get the process started. You can send these to us with our contact form or call us at 951-331-3844 to have one of our experts draw up a cash offer.

You can also tap the chat window below to speak with our team member Lisa. We know you’ve been through enough trouble, and we’d love to help you find a happy ending.

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