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Whether you need to sell your house in Cerritos fast or you’re having trouble selling it at all, we’re here to help make selling your home super simple! SoCal Home Buyers is interested in helping you sell your house in Cerritos.

We buy houses in Cerritos, CA

If you need to sell a home fast in Los Angeles, regardless of its condition or construction, we can genuinely help. We’ve been helping home owners in Southern California for over a decade, and we’d love the opportunity to work for you.

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Why Sell Your House in Cerritos to us?

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“It was Definitely the Right Call to Sell to SoCal Home Buyers” – Isabel W.

Is your home in great condition? Has the roof, kitchen, AC and Heater been updated in the last 10 years? Could you list it in its current condition without needing to make any repairs or upgrades? If not, and you don’t want to put any additional money into the home, selling with a Realtor could be stressful.

When you sell your house for cash in Cerritos to us, NONE of these things will matter to us. If your home is not ‘market ready’ we won’t require that you make it so.

We buy houses in Cerritos in ‘as-is’ condition. This means you will get a lump sum offer for your home that doesn’t include additional fees, commissions, repair requests or closing costs deducted from the final amount. 

The best part when selling your Cerritos home to us is that it won’t matter why you’re selling. We buy houses in Cerritos in all types of situations and conditions.

It won’t matter if:

We can help you sell your house in Cerritos in situations where a realtor may not be able to. 

What happens when you accept our offer for your house?

Once we come to an agreement on the offer we make on your home, simply tell us the date that you need to close by and any requirements you have and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Next we’ll open escrow immediately and provide you with simple documents to review, sign and return to us.

Don’t worry, these are very simple agreement forms without the complicated real estate jargon that would give you a headache. 

Once all documents have been signed and returned to us and escrow closes, we’ll wire your funds directly to your bank – or you can pick up a check. It’s really that simple when selling your house in Cerritos to us.

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“I felt the price was fair and consistent with the condition of the house. I wish more things in life would be this pleasant.” – Richard C., Sold to SoCal Home Buyers

Here’s What We Can do to Help You Sell Your House in Cerritos, CA

If you’re wondering what we can do, the answer is simple: we can do just about everything.

We’ll buy your Cerritos House in ‘As-is’ condition

Unlike traditional buyers, we’ll buy your house in Cerritos in any condition, under any circumstances. We don’t need you to satisfy a long list of needs before we’re willing to make the purchase. We’re ready to fix it up ourselves. We don’t care about appearances.

It doesn’t matter if your home needs a few small repairs or if parts of it need to be entirely rebuilt. We’re not worried about defects – we’re prepared to fix them all. We love buying homes in need of work just as much as turn-key homes.

We’re a Local Family-Owned Business

SoCal Home Buyers is located in Murrieta, CA. You can come see us, or we can come see you. We’re willing to go anywhere in Southern California to help you out. Rather than working with a home investor that’s located several states away, you can work with one that operates close to home and will work with you so you’re updated regularly and directly involved with the process.

We Do All the Hard Work

We’ve been buying homes for a long time, and we’ve mastered a quick and efficient system. We don’t expect anything from you – we can get everything done in the blink of an eye. There’s no reason to place any burdens on you. You can breathe easy.

We buy houses in SoCal

We’re Ready to Close When You Are

There’s no reason for a closing process to take months unless you actually want it to. Since we’re private buyers, we can close in as little as a week. When you want to cut ties with your unwanted property, we can help you do it immediately.

If you need us to close right away, we can do it in a week or less. You don’t have to wait any longer than you’re willing. We can work within your desired timeframe.

Why sell your Cerritos, CA house to us?

Despite what the traditional market may have you believe, it doesn’t need to be difficult to sell your home.

1. We have cash on hand to buy your house

Unlike traditional buyers, we’re cash home buyers in LA and don’t need to get a mortgage loan. We pay for every home in cash, which means we can cut out a lot of the wait, stress and uncertainty. You can take your cash right away and use it to secure a new place to live or pay-off any long-standing debt. Either way, the amount we agree on is the amount you receive.

2. We buy all types of houses in Cerritos

It doesn’t matter if you live in a luxury five bedroom home or a two bedroom manufactured home. Even condos are fine by us. We’re willing to purchase any kind of property that you’re willing to sell. Whether it’s old or new, it’s worth our investment.

3. There’s never closing costs

There are no fees, and there’s no one who requires a commission. Our offer is our offer, and we’ll never turn around and ask you for any of that money back. It’s just between us, and there’s no one who needs to be paid off.

4. Fast, Painless and Simple Transaction

You don’t have to do anything difficult, and paperwork is kept to a minimum. We’ll be able to handle all of it. You only need to handle a few short forms, and that’s just about all we expect from you. We’re experienced experts – let us use our knowledge to simplify the process for you.

How the Market in Cerritos is Moving

We buy houses in Cerritos, CA
We Can Buy Your House in Cerritos, CA

Cerritos was very slow to recover from the real estate collapse, but that recovery eventually happened. It all came in a steady surge, and it’s one of few areas where the current value average actually exceeds the previous value average. The typical home in Cerritos can command close to $7290,000, which is a very fair sum for the area.

The market was exceedingly healthy in 2018 but has since declined by 0.5% and is expect to fall an additional .1% by next year. Foreclosures are incredibly rare in Cerritos. The market however is currently favoring buyers rather than sellers and is cooling down.

If your home isn’t selling, it’s probably because you aren’t in a position to compete. This is often the case with homes that are in bad shape or need a degree of repairs that buyers would rather do without when they can find a comparable home that doesn’t need repairs. Even great homes may not sell fast enough when homeowners find themselves in an urgent situation.

Sell your house in Cerritos, CA without stress or hassle

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Founders, Doug & Andrea Van Soest

SoCal Home Buyers is ready to help you sell your Cerritos, CA house fast. We just need a few details about your property in order to prepare you a quick cash offer.

You can contact us by using our simple virtual form, or you can contact us the old fashioned way by calling 951-331-3844 or open up the live chat window and talk with our team member, Allison!

It doesn’t matter what the market is like, the condition your home is in, or whether or not you’re facing a foreclosure. We’ll buy in cash, and we’ll buy right now. By dropping us a line today, you can see the sale process through to completion by this time next week.

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We also buy houses in cities around Cerritos like Lakewood, Norwalk, Bellflower, Buena Park, Fullerton, Cypress, Paramount, and Buena Park.