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We buy Huntington Park, CA homes fast for cash at any price. Here’s How our Process Works. Contact us today for a FREE fair all cash offer on your Huntington Park, CA home. 

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Tired of waiting around? Let Southern California Home Buyers purchase your home in Huntington Park!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a rush to sell or you’re just tired of the market not working in your favor – a lot of homeowners don’t want to wait or deal with the hassles associated with selling on the traditional market. We’re a private home investment company that’s always looking to buy houses in Los Angeles right away, including Huntington Park homes like the one you live in.

Unlike with other sale methods, ours is designed to make selling a piece of cake for homeowners. If you don’t want to deal with all of the frustrations, let us deal with them on your behalf.

Huntington Parks Real Estate Trends

Huntington Park’s market saw a lot of growth in years past, and that growth has finally dropped off. Properties are expected to rise by a small fraction of a percent annually, so if you’re waiting for substantial growth in value, you could be waiting for decades. The average property is estimated to be worth about $405,000, and it will likely stay around that figure for many years to come.

The market is neutral and in fair health, but properties aren’t really selling. More people are looking to move out than move in, even though values are stable. This happens from time to time in smaller markets, where homes are selling just enough to satisfy minimum health criteria.

Foreclosures occur at an average rate in Huntington, with one in every 10,000 area homeowners per year experiencing this upsetting situation. If you’re one of those homeowners, you may not have enough time to be hopeful that the traditional market will work for you.

How We Can Help Homeowners Like You

We Buy Damaged Homes

Homes that look rough don’t usually find buyers in a timely manner. This is because homeowners want a place that’s move-in ready. We’re not going to move into your home – we actually intend to repair and renovate it. We’ll buy homes no matter how they look.

We’re Ready to Close

While the average closing process has a tendency to be long and drawn out, ours doesn’t. We have a lot of experience purchasing homes and we always have the cash available. This allows us to close the deal in 7 days. We’ll only wait if that’s what you would prefer.

We’ll Keep It Easy

This may be your first time selling a home, but we’ve dealt with it hundreds upon hundreds of times. Let us use our experience to your advantage. We want to simplify the process not only so it’s easier for us, but also so it’s easier for you.

We’re a Local Company in SoCal

Large national home investment companies may not have offices near you, but we do. We’re based out of Murrieta, making us easily accessible to homeowners located in the Southern California area. You can come to us, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. We’re willing to drive out to you, no matter where in Southern California you’re located.

Doug & Andrea Van Soest | SoCalHomeBuyers.com
CEO’s Doug & Andrea Van Soest

The Way Our Simple Home Buying Process Works 

Home investment companies often state that it’s easy to work with them, but they’re never quick to explain how. We want you to understand what to expect before you even drop us a line.

We Buy With Our Money

You’re obviously familiar with how a mortgage works if you’re a homeowner. It takes time to secure one, and you’ll need to be approved. When we make you an offer, it’s always money we already have. It goes directly from us to you, which cuts down the wait time.

Need Repairs? We Don’t Mind

The majority of homes we purchase need repairs. These are our favorite kind of properties to buy. If your home needs work, we don’t expect you to do any of that work. We’ve already planned to take care of it.

We Do the Complicated Stuff

Most people dread paperwork, but we don’t. Let us get everything together for you. We’ll ask you for what we need and prepare the necessary paperwork. We’ll get back to you when we need signatures, and you can spend your time packing.

We’re Eager to Close

We’d like to close in a week or less, and we know you’re probably looking to do the same. We’ll only extend to the process if you ask us to. We know that some sellers would prefer a little more time to get their affairs in order. Just let us know your preferred timeframe.

We Buy Homes of Any Kind

We purchase more than your average single-family home. We’re even interested in things like condos and mobile homes. We’re willing to make an offer on any property you’re looking to sell, no matter what kind of property it is.

No Costs to You

Working with a real estate agent isn’t free – in fact, it’s quite expensive. Flat rate commission percentages can amount to a lot. By opting to work with us instead of a real estate agent, you’re able to keep all of the profits from the sale of your home.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Huntington Park Home

When you want to sell your home in Huntington Park, just let us know. We’re waiting to buy it.

So Cal Home Buyers wants to make a fair cash offer for your unwanted Huntington Park home, and we need very little from you in order to do that. We just need a couple basic details, and you can submit them to us through our contact form or give them to us over the phone by calling us at 951-331-3844. You can also tap our live chat box below and speak with one of our team members directly.

We’re proud to offer one of the fastest, safest sale methods available, and we’re willing to go above and beyond in order to provide great service to homeowners like you. We know the process has a tendency to be stressful, but that doesn’t have to be the case when you choose to work with us.

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