Selling a House as is in California? Here’s How to Sell a Home as is

Selling a house as is in California eliminates a lot of the hassle associated with making pre-listing repairs and doing everything else that comes with selling a home through a real estate agency.

When it comes to selling your home as is, you have choices that include iBuyers, national companies that purchase homes through local franchisees, house flippers, and real estate investors – all of whom pay cash for as-is houses.

A local real estate investor, however, can offer you cash on the spot – after the initial inspection – and there are no fees or commissions to consider.

Can you sell a house as is in California?

Yes, not only you can sell a house as is in the State of California but doing so can also benefit you and the buyer – by saving both time and expense. By selling your house in the condition that it’s in right now, you skip the need to make major repairs, to do maintenance work, and to make cosmetic improvements, which can make the process a lot less challenging.

At SoCal Home Buyers, we buy houses in California regularly so we recognize that there are many reasons for wanting to sell an as-is home, and we invite you to contact us for more information about the cash offers we make today. 

Can you sell a house as is without inspection?

You can sell a house as is without an inspection, and it can simplify the process considerably. Perhaps you’ve inherited real estate that you can’t afford to fix up,  have a property that you don’t have time to deal with, or simply need to sell a fixer-upper as quickly as possible. Whatever your reason, selling a house that needs repairs as is comes with all the following benefits:

  • You can skip preparing the house for the market and working with a real estate agent.
  • There’s no need to list your house – or prepare it for listing. 
  • You can bypass the home staging, viewings, and open houses.
  • You can sell the house for cash even if you’re not there to take part in the sale.

Selling a home to a cash buyer comes with a range of perks that shouldn’t be ignored.

What are the rules for selling a house as is in California?

When a home sale is as-is in the State of California, the process is far more streamlined, but there are important legally binding rules and restrictions involved. Using an as-is clause does not shield sellers from the common law duty of being transparent, which means you must disclose any defects in the property that you’re aware of.

When the property sale agreement includes language reflecting that the buyer is relying on their own home inspection, it can eliminate your need to inspect the home for defects or to share concerns that you should know about but do not.

Under California laws for selling a home, selling a house as is does not decrease your responsibility in relation to intentionally or negligently failing to reveal any hidden defects that are not apparent in the course of an inspection.

As-is language does, however, protect you in the face of claims regarding defects that are reasonably apparent to the potential buyer. Ultimately, the home seller cannot – under any circumstances – intentionally mislead the buyer in an as-is home sale. 

At SoCal Home Buyers, we have our own in-house inspector who will perform the home inspection at no cost to you. This means there’s no need to concern yourself with the tricky laws and regulations related to selling a property as is. 

Options for selling a home as is in California

If you’re selling a house in poor condition as it is in California, there are several primary options available.

Sell to an iBuyer

iBuyers are online buyers that make instant offers on properties without laying eyes on them – based on pricing algorithms that take 2023 market trends into careful consideration. You can expect iBuyers to be speedier than a real estate broker but to include significant fees. Further, iBuyers generally won’t purchase properties that are in distress.

Sell to a House Flipper

There are individuals out there who are in the business of buying deeply discounted homes, making minor cosmetic fixes, and flipping them for considerable profit. While house flippers are an option, they accept considerable risk in the process and, as a result, their offers tend to be significantly lower than those made by most other buyers. House flippers are often smaller operations, which means that the buyer may not have the resources to even make you a fair offer.

Sell to a we buy houses company

There are national companies that pay cash for as-is houses through local franchisees. These sales are relatively speedy, but there are pros and cons of selling a home this way.

While these companies make cash offers, they also charge fees that can subtract thousands of dollars from your bottom line and tend to make low-ball offers that could cost you tens of thousands.  

Sell to a real estate agent

Real estate agents are sometimes interested in buying houses as is. Generally, if the house needs extensive repairs, they proceed to sell it to a for-cash company. In the process, they take a commission that comes out of your pocket. 

Sell house as is for cash in California 

Another option is selling to a real estate investment company like SoCal Home Buyers that pays cash for houses just the way they are. Once you give us a call to discuss your home for sale, we’ll schedule an inspection, and when that’s complete, we’ll make you a cash offer on the spot – affording you the financial freedom to move forward towards whatever comes next for you.

How to sell a house as is

if you own a house and you’re putting it up for sale as is, there are several basic steps you’ll need to take.

1. Determine the home’s after-repair value

The first step in the process is getting an idea of what your home would be worth if you made the repairs necessary to upgrade it.

2. Determine the cost of making the needed repairs

The next step on the path forward is determining the cost of prospective repairs, which can help you estimate the market value of your home.

3. Estimate a fair value for your home

By subtracting your estimate regarding the repairs your home needs from its estimated after-repair value, you’ll be better positioned to engage in fair negotiations with a residential real estate investor.

4. Determine if making repairs is worth your time and effort

Ultimately, you’ll need to determine if hiring a contractor to make the necessary repairs is worth the effort in terms of both your time and money. If you decide that it isn’t, a cash home sale is a better option, and it’s time to consider what kind of makes the most sense for you. 

5. Determine the right selling option for you

As mentioned, if you’re selling your house as-is, you have options that range from the the more costly and time-consuming approach of going through a real estate agent all the way to the streamlined and cost-effective process of working with a real estate investor who pays cash for houses as they stand.

6. Begin the selling process

Once you’ve made the right choice for you, it’s time to reach out to the service or buyer you’ve chosen.  For example, if you choose a real estate investor, you can expect a zippy process, which begins with a home inspection that leads directly to a cash offer. 

I want to sell my house as is for cash, can you help?

Yes, we at SoCal Home Buyers are committed to making the cash sale of your as-is house as streamlined as possible. We charge no fees, take no commission, and are well prepared to help you efficiently settle the matter in the following four easy steps:

  1. Give us a call at 951-331-3844—or fill out the short form below—to request your fair cash offer.
  2. Await our prompt response to discuss your property in greater detail and schedule a one-time inspection that allows us to offer the highest amount possible.
  3. At the time of the inspection, our in-house inspector will quote you a fair cash offer, and if you’re on board, you can consider your home sold!
  4. Choose your closing date, and leave the rest to us. You can choose payment via check or wire transfer. It simply doesn’t get any easier.
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