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Selling Your Home in Beaumont, CA?

We buy houses in Beaumont, CA fast for cash no matter it’s condition. Here’s How our Process Works. Contact us to learn more about how you can sell your Beaumont, CA house fast for cash. 

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No matter the situation you may be facing or reason for selling your Riverside home...So Cal Home Buyers (SCHB) can help you make your sale and be on your way quickly and efficiently.

With over 10 years of successful transactions, we have earned the trust of home sellers all across Southern California. We’ve been purchasing homes in the Southern California area for over a decade, and have helped over 350 happy homeowners sell their unwanted properties.

We want the sale of your Beaumont home to be a stress-free & painless experience for you. We know that selling a home can be overwhelming, we hope that our knowledge, skills and experience will help you enjoy an easy and positive transaction. Within a week, you can have your property sold with money in your hands so you can move on with life.

We’d Love to Buy & Help You Sell Your Home in Beaumont, CA 

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Beaumont’s real estate market is unique – it’s one of few places in Riverside County where a newly constructed five bedroom home will list for less than $400,000.

This is unheard of in many other parts of California, where these kinds of homes tend to sell for twice as much. Even modernized homes with 4 or more bedrooms list for under $300,000.

A lot of people in Beaumont have taken to selling their homes by owner, foregoing the use of a real estate agents. One of the predominant reasons they may be making that choice is the current state of the real estate market in the region.

A lot of seller in Beaumont are frustrated – and they’ve felt frustrated for a long time now.

Common Issues Sellers Face in Beaumont, CA

The market has run cold in Beaumont. Cold markets will always favor buyers. There are far more people selling than there are people buying, and this means that sellers are pushed to go to drastic lengths to compete.

This is why homes sell for less than what their value would be in an area with greater market health. Price cut after price cut turns every property into a steal.

According to NewHomeSource, there are nearly 500 newly constructed homes on the market in Beaumont, and this creates a large problem.

Since these homes are spacious, brand new, and affordable, buyers who have the money would prefer to purchase a cheaper recently constructed home than spend a similar amount (if not more) on a house that’s a few decades old. This puts sellers at a distinct disadvantage – buyers are less inclined to buy used when they can buy new for the same price.

What do We Do with the Homes We Buy?

If you’re curious to see, what we do with houses after we buy them, watch the quick video below to get an idea. Just know that no matter what your current situation is, when we buy the home off of you it will be in good hands & well taken care of.

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CEO’s Doug & Andrea Van Soest

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The odds may be working against you, but at Southern California Home Buyers aren’t. If you’re tired of competing and continually slashing the price on your home, take it off the traditional market and let us buy it from you.

All we need from you are a few quick details about your property, and we’ll be able to prepare you a full cash offer on your unwanted Beaumont home that you’ll be able to get rid of in days.

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