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We Buy Coachella, CA Houses Fast for Cash at Any Price. Here’s How our Process Works. Contact us Today for a Fair All Cash Offer for Your Home in Coachella.

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SoCalHomeBuyers.com is a family-based Real Estate Investment business that puts your needs above all else.

We make the process as simple and as pain free for you as possible to sell your Riverside home fast.

Forget all about the delays and running around that stretch you to the point of breaking when you are already struggling with an adverse financial or personal situation.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could just show your house and get your check? It can happen if you get in touch with us! Whatever your reasons for selling, we can make sure that you close & get your money on-time & when you need it.

Can’t Sell Your Home in Coachella?

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“It was definitely the right call to sell to SoCal Homes” – Isabel V

Coachella has had some pretty significant ups and downs, but things seem to be on an upward trend. Market growth has been slow but steady, seeing a measurable increase every year.

The area’s recovery has been fantastic, and homes in Coachella are selling. This seems like great news on the surface, but if it seems like shocking news to you, you may have some larger issues to contend with.

The current property value average is over $200,000. While this isn’t a tremendous amount, it’s certainly stable. Stability is one of the most important things in a market’s health. Currently, Coachella properties are selling at a predictable rate for predictable prices.

Coachella’s Surprising Housing Market

The market is very healthy. Coachella has one of the healthiest markets in riverside county. Foreclosures are in line with the national average, and is actually lower than the Riverside metropolitan average. These are great signs, and desirable properties are moving exactly as they are expected to move.

If your property isn’t moving, this is definitely cause for concern. Great homes list and sell in a reasonable amount of time. If your home isn’t moving, this could be a sign that it’s simply not what buyers are interested in. If your home isn’t doing well on the regular market, you might want to find an alternative way to sell your home.

Doug & Andrea Van Soest | SoCalHomeBuyers.com
CEO’s Doug & Andrea Van Soest

What if I Can’t Find a Buyer for My Coachella Home?

If the beaten path isn’t working out for you, we’re happy to be your alternative.

Southern California Home Buyers is a private home investment company that purchases all kinds of properties – even those that the traditional buyer is likely to find undesirable.

We purchase all our homes in cash, which means we can move you through an expedited closing process.

When the market isn’t doing you any favors, you can either call us at 951-331-3844 or submit a contact form to us. We’ll respond with an offer, and as soon as you accept it, consider your home sold.

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