Can You Sell a House with Foundation Issues

Selling a home can be a difficult process even when everything is already in top shape. Unfortunately, many homeowners find that their property is not in perfect shape, but they still need to sell.

Maybe you’re a landlord who has owned a rental property for quite some time and are ready to get out. Unfortunately, you may have house foundation problems but not enough money to do a major overhaul.

Or, perhaps you recently inherited a house from a deceased relative who was unable to keep up on repairs in their later years, and now there are problems you don’t have the money to solve.

Don’t worry – the good news is that selling a house with foundation issues is possible.

What Causes Foundation Issues on a House?

Can You Sell a House with Foundation Issues

If you haven’t yet looked over your house for sale in great detail, you may wonder if you should expect foundation issues in the first place. There are various causes of cracked or damaged foundations in Southern California.

In California, common causes of foundation damage include the clay soil in the area, which causes your home to sink. When the soil expands in wet weather and shrinks during hot times, it can cause your foundation to fall.

Unfortunately, a lot of Southern California homes weren’t built with proper compaction in the 50s and 60s, which is a major cause of foundation problems.

Of course, another important cause is earthquakes. Quakes can damage your home directly, or they can cause cracks that then expand and contract more forcefully than soil does on its own.

Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover cracked foundation repair due to soil settling or earth movement, so homeowners are faced with repair bills in the thousands of dollars. As a result, many look for how to sell a house with foundation problems.

Signs You Have Foundation Problems

Can You Sell a House with Foundation Issues

Curious if you need to worry about foundation issues on a house? You can look for these signs of damage in your property before you decide how to move forward with a sale.

Cracks in Walls, Doors, and Windows

Many times, small cracks don’t seem like much of a problem. You probably attribute it to “the house settling,” or you may not notice them at all.

Unfortunately, having cracks in walls, doors, and around windows can be a major sign of foundation problems. Untreated, these cracks can grow and allow leaks into your home. If water is getting in, you’ll have two problems that are both expensive: mold in your home, and additional damage to your foundation.

Sloping or Uneven Floors

When you walk inside, do you feel a slight slope – or do you notice that things aren’t quite as level as they used to be? This might be more obvious in a transition from one room to another.

Has the kitchen floor dropped a bit, causing a ledge as you walk into your main living space? Do you see ripples or unevenness in other areas of the floor? If so, this is another sign that you have foundation problems.

Gaps in Window Panes, Crown Molding, and More

Anytime a window that used to close smoothly no longer does, or you notice gaps around the window that weren’t there before, you’re seeing a sign of shifting and foundation damage.

The same is true if you notice space between crown molding and your ceiling. Your home may be shifting or settling due to changes in the soil over the seasons, or due to a more jarring even like an earthquake or tremor.

Issues in Your Foundation Wall

Outside your home, you can check your foundation by looking down the length of your home from a corner. Focusing on the foundation wall, does it appear straight – both vertically and horizontally?

Next, use a level to see if the wall is leaning or is still straight upright. Finally, check for concrete weakness using a screwdriver. If it flakes or chips, that’s a bad sign for your home.

A bulge or a curve in a foundation wall indicates that there has been shifting or damage to the foundation. You may also find that the soil around your home is putting pressure on your walls – you may need better drainage to prevent damage.

Is it Cost Effective to Fix Foundation Issues?

Can You Sell a House with Foundation Issues

Unfortunately, the cost to fix house foundation problems can be very high. The first thing you’ll need is to pay the foundation inspection cost the company will charge. Next, you’ll face the repair cost itself.

The average cost to repair a foundation in California is $7,199. Major repairs can cost over $15,000 in the state.

Unfortunately, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover foundation damage from flooding, earthquakes, or shifting and settling over time. This means you’ll be left to pay all of that money out of your own pocket.

For many landlords looking to sell their rental property and get out of the business, that money isn’t laying around. The same is true if you’ve recently inherited a home. Taking care of major repairs is generally out of the question. Instead, you’ll need to look into selling a house with foundation issues.

Selling a House with Foundation Issues

Once you’ve determined that you have some foundation damage but you want to sell your home, it’s time to look into the options you have for a low-hassle experience.

Traditional Selling

Can You Sell a House with Foundation Issues

A traditional sales process would involve preparing your home, getting a real estate agent, and putting the home on the market. Of course, you’ll have to disclose there is foundation damage when you sell it.

Unfortunately, this disclosure means that many of the good buyers will stay away. You may even have trouble getting a strong real estate agent to take the listing. You may end up with a rookie agent and buyers who are focused on paying as little as possible.

There’s no reason to go through the headache just to get a low sale price and have to give some of that away to a real estate agent. Instead, consider another option.

SoCal Buys Homes With Foundation Issues

Can You Sell a House with Foundation Issues

SoCal Home Buyers is a great option if you want a quick, cash-focused, and efficient sale. We buy your home as-is. You don’t have to clean, repair anything, or move anything. Don’t worry about that foundation – it’s our concern now!

We make selling a house with foundation issues extremely easy, and we’ll walk you through every step from beginning to end. You’ll save thousands of dollars in fees because you won’t be paying an agent – and that money will go straight into your pocket!

The paperwork you need to fill out is simple and easy to understand, unlike the mountains of forms and disclosures required in a traditional sale. You’ll find that you can sell your home and close in 30 days or less – no need to wait weeks hoping someone will buy your home on the regular market!

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from working with a professional buyer. Don’t worry about how much it is to fix those foundation issues, or any other major repairs in your home.

Whether you’ve inherited a home you need to sell quickly, or you’re a landlord who wants out of a property, we’re here to serve. Contact us for a cash offer today!

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