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“Everything Went Smoothly & Fast” – Rose & Arlene

Are you saying: “I need to sell my house fast in Lake Elsinore?” If so, we can help! We understand selling a house in Riverside County can be stressful. We buy houses in Lake Elsinore from home owners like yourself to avoid the stress and hassle of listing. This way you can completely avoid selling your house in Lake Elsinore on the real estate market.

We buy houses in Riverside County fast and our team of professional real estate experts have more than 50+ years of collective experience helping home owners sell their homes.

As a family-owned and operated Real Estate investment company, we’ll make sure, no matter what your situation or circumstances are your experience selling your house fast in Lake Elsinore is handled professionally and with the utmost care for you and your situation or reason for selling.

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Why Sell Your House in Lake Elsinore to us?

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Founders, Doug & Andrea Van Soest

When you sell your home in Lake Elsinore to us you get to bypass the traditional way of selling your house. As private investors we don’t require the laundry list of tasks that a Realtor will require.

You won’t have to worry about:

  • Packing up and moving out right away. When you sell to us, you can stay in your home for a while until you find another place to live.
  • Cleaning, making repairs or upgrades to the house.
  • Uncomfortable house showings that intrude on your personal space.
  • The long waiting times before you even find someone who’s interested.
  • The uncertainty of whether or not your buyer will fall out of escrow. 
  • Stacks of confusing, headache causing paperwork that you’d rather not deal with.
  • Paying thousands out of your profits to Realtor commissions, fees and closing costs.
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When you sell your Lake Elsinore home to us it doesn’t matter your reason for selling!

Doug Van Soest & Isabel V.
“It was definitely the right call to sell to Doug & So Cal Homes” – Isabel V.

When you sell your house to us the condition of the home or your personal reasons for selling won’t stop us from buying your home. Your home could be vacant, inherited, run-down, in need of lots of repairs and upgrades, occupied by tenants or family that won’t leave. You may need to relocate fast for work, facing foreclosure, recently or going through a divorce. Maybe you just want to downsize or the home has fire damage.

None of these problems will be an issue for us. We buy houses in Lake Elsinore in everything situation and condition you can possibly imagine. 

However, when listing with a Realtor any one of these situations could hold up the sales process for months on end. Adding more stress to your plate. More burden. And more emotional strain on your peace of mind.

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But we want to go above and beyond for you…

We understand what it’s like because we’ve been there ourselves. And when a realtor wasn’t able to help us, a personal friend who invests in houses got us out of a bad situation that would have otherwise drowned us.

We’re confident that after we’ve had a chance to speak with you you feel like you’re dealing with people who actually care and want the best for you. Unlike listing your home on the real estate market, selling your home to us direct for cash is a guaranteed solution to any headache you may have right now.

How much can we buy your Lake Elsinore house for?

When you work with us, it’s important that full transparency is met when we make you an offer. Honesty is essential to good business practice and trust in your dealings with us. When we make an offer to buy your house in Lake Elsionore here are some of the primary factors we take into consideration:

  • The current condition of your house
  • The location of the property
  • The market value of the neighborhood
  • Whether your home has had the kitchen or roof updated in the last 10 years
  • And how much we’ll need to invest to bring the home up to market standards.

There may or may not be additional items that help us make an offer but the only way for us to know is to be able to speak with you directly. We would love for the opportunity to speak with you direct or possibly set up an appointment to look at the house to make you our highest offer possible.

SoCal Home Buyers Happy Seller
“I felt the price was fair and consistent with the condition of the house. I wish more things in life would be this pleasant. Thank you!” – Richard C.

At the end of the day you will receive the highest amount possible for your home with all of the above taken into consideration. We’re not here to low-ball you. We’ll give you an honest and fair price that’s in-line with the above criteria and the current state of Lake Elsinores real estate market.

Another great part to remember is that you will NOT have to pay:

  • Closing costs
  • Realtor Commissions
  • Or any additional Fees associated with a Traditional sale

When you sell your house in Elsinore direct for cash you can often times net MORE money than were you to list it on the market, then having THOUSANDS OF YOUR MONEY taken by Realtors, fees and closing costs.

We don’t want that for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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If you would like to see how much we can pay you for your home, get started simply by filling out the short form below or calling us now at: 951-331-3844 and our of our home buying specialists will be there to assist you! 🙂 We look forward to speaking and working with you!

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Give us a call now: 951-331-3844 to get started or click here to fill out the short form

Looking to Sell Your House Fast in Lake Elsinore, CA?

The growth in Lake Elsinore’s real estate market has been more than promising. Though it was hit particularly hard by the real estate collapse and spent a couple years stagnating, it’s back up on its feet.

It may never recover its previous average high of $411,000, it’s sitting proudly at an average of over $366,000. This number is continuing to grow, which is fantastic news for the future of the market.

With values stable and numbers climbing, many homeowners in this riverside county community expect it should be easy to sell in Lake Elsinore. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

What the market in Lake Elsinore means for you

The real estate market in Lake Elsinore is cold, and is leaning heavily on the buyers side. Foreclosures are in line with the national average, at one in 10,000 homes a year.

Predictable growth, a cold market, and average foreclosure rates may make it tough for sellers to find buyers in a time frame they’d like, at a price they want. If your property is in great shape and considered desirable by buyers, you may not have to wait on the market for a long time.

We buy houses in Lake Elsinore, CA
We can buy your house in Lake Elsinore, CA

If your home is subject to special circumstances, you’ll become less of a contender in the modern real estate market. The homes that are selling are modernized, and require little to no work. If your home is outdated or in bad shape, it’s likely to be passed over.

Buyers have high standards, even in areas where homes are reasonably priced. In fact, 18.4% of the homes listed in Lake Elsinore will undergo at least one price cut. If you feel tempted to continually slash the asking price of your home, it may be time to consider alternatives.

When you’re still Having Trouble Selling Your Lake Elsinore Home

If the market in Lake Elsinore has been unkind to you, skip the market.

SoCal Home Buyers will be able to help you out, regardless of the condition of your home. When you’re sick of waiting and you want to sell now, we’re ready to buy.

Call us at 951-331-3844 or use our simple contact form to get a hold of us. We can draw you up an all cash offer on your home, and we’re ready to close in as little as a week.

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Give us a call now: 951-331-3844 to get started or click here to fill out the short form

We buy houses fast for cash in Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, 92531, 92532, 92570, 92584, 92587, 92595. If you own a home in Lake Elsinore, CA that needs to be sold fast, contact us today… we’d love for the opportunity to help you sell your Lake Elsinore home so you can move on with life stress free! We look forward to speaking with you!

We also buy houses in cities around Lake Elsinore like Menifee, Moreno Valley, Temecula, Perris, Hemet, Corona, Murrieta, and Wildomar.